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 Underground behind Ranjan de Silva's murder!

Underground behind Ranjan de Silva's murder!

Information has been revealed that the murder of Ranjan de Silva the Pohottuwa Mp of Dehiwala Galkissa  municipality and father of ​Sri Lankan cricket team player Dhananjaya de Silva was the work of underground elements.

On the day of the incident, Dhananjaya had been present at a meeting held by Cricket Board that afternoon. Incidentally he had not returned home even till late night that day. Dhanajaya's mother and
brother had been to a religious place in order to attend to a vow on behalf of Dhananjaya who was to leave abroad.

In the process, Ranjan de Silva had been seated on a sleeper in front of their home with two of his colleagues engaged in talking. By that time the whole environment was enveloped in darkness and other than trains that were streaming past them at a deafening noise, the entire place was absolutely silent. At that moment Ranjan de Silva was in a different world with his two colleagues, so to say. In fact they were oblivious to what was happening around them. But then Ranjan de Silva's fate was closing in upon him. In fact it had already come near his home.

Two unknown persons armed with weapons had already approached Ranjan de Silva's home across the railway track. There had been a spot of bushes in front of the house and the underground elements had found refuge in those bushes trying to find their target. Only a split second passed and shots fired from a gun pierced Ranjan de Silva's chest. His colleagues who were beside him too were subjected to the firing. Ranjan de Silva then began to wrestle with destiny. He tried to flee from the throes of his opponents. However not onlt one or two gunshots but 13 gunshots had gone through his body. He thus finally collapsed on on the cement floor in the garden in front of his house.

Underground behind Ranjan de Silva's murder!
The hired assailants who managed to get their proper aim then got into their motor vehicle and made a retreat. Though they had made use of two different types of weapons, only one weapon had gone into action. The murder of Ranjan de Silva rocked the whole country. In the meantime Dhananjaya de Silva was thrown into a state of shock after hearing news about his father's death. He was in fact was to leave the islandto the West Indies on the night of 2th. Thus Dhananjaya had to drop all ideas of his tour because of his father's demise. In fact this murder became more popular in the country because of Dhananjaya de Silva. News of the cricketer's father's death however was not that much of a pleasant piece of news to cricketing fans. On the other hand the loss of Dhananjaya de Silva who was a leading batsman for the Sri Lankan team on the West Indies tour no doubt became a terrible setback for the cricket team in our country.

At the time Ranjan de Silva was killed, he was an Mp of Sri Lanka United Front (Pohottuwa) of Dehiwala Galkissa municipal council. Though Ranjan de Silva was a present municipal council member, his past of course was not something pleasant. He was born in Tissamaharama and he commenced his carrer in the fishing trade and at a later time joined the armed forces. He served the forces for a number of years and subsequently left the army and then secured employment with Dehiwala Galkissa municipality. Ranjan de Silva who served the MC for a long period of time ultiately retired as a work supervisor.

However he did not forget his old occupation in the fishing trade as such. Ranjan de Silva who used large boats and made good money by hauling in fish. Amal Silva who was an Mp of Dehiwala Galkissa municipal council was a close friend of his and was by then involved in politics. He was a strong supporter of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Because of accumulating political power as well as money power on a big scale, Rabjan de Silva became known popularly as a thug in Ratmalana area. Since he was attached to the armed forces for sometime he became known by the name 'Army Ranjan'.

Gonakovile Rohana, Ranju and Lansiya the underground stalwarts had made Galkissa, Ratmalana and Dehiwala their kingdom. It was a close link that existed between these underground kingpins and certain politicians. Podi mahaththaya who was an Mp of Dehiwala Galkissa municipality too happened to be a thug. Underground stalwarts such as Gonakovile Ranju and Lansiya in fact were two brothers. Podi mahaththaya was the 'baappa' of these underground thugs. Ranjan de Silva associated all these elements. with the support of their 'baappa's political strength, Ranju and Lansiya began to spread their underground power around Tatmalana area. Gonakovile Rohana alias Roha and Ranju had conflicts between the two of them on the competition to sharing underground power between the two. Roha and Ranju who were together for some time were separated about fifteen years before. In the meantime Podi mahaththaya then used his various political strategies in order to break down Gonakovile Roha's underground courage. At one time Gonakovile Roha was taken into custody by police with bombs in his possession. Roha believed that Podi mahaththaya was behind this arrest. From the time he was released, his motive was to take revenge from Podi mahaththaya. On March 13th in the year 2007 he finally took revenge on Podi Mahaththaya. When Podi mahaththaya was in a certain office at Ratmalana Maliban Junction, Gonakovile Roha gunned  him down and killed him. Roha and his accomplices who was responsible for this killing were in hiding from the police for a period of time. Ranjan de Silva was accused as having provided refuge to the underground elements who were responsible for the death of Podi mahathhaya. He was so accused because he closely associated Gonakovile Roha and his accomplices. Gonakovile Anju was having a strong grudge with Ranjan de Silva for having afforded shelter to Roha and his underground supporters who did away with Podi mahaththaya.

As time passed by Ranjan de Silva managed to develop some stability in a political manner. By that time Ranjan de Silva and members of his family became popular characters in Ratmalana area. Dhananjaya de Silva reaching the apex of in the game of cricket too contributed towards that popularity. In the process Ranjan de Silva had a burning desire to get into politics and contest the Dehiwala Galkissa municipal elections. For this purpose he directed his second son. As such, Savithra de Silva contested on the United People's Front ticket for the Dehiwala Galkissa municipal council and achieved victory.

Gonakovile Ranju's gang and Gonakovile Roha's gang began to engage in fights in public during this time. By that time Ranju's gang had been engaged in drug trafficking by focusing Ratmalana Galkissa as their centre. Ranju's gang continued to threaten Ranjan de Silva as well as Savithra de Silva quite frequently. Ranjan de Silva has complained to police on several occasions regarding these threats. Ranjan de Silva had continued desires to launch himself into politics. It was because of that overwhelming desire that he came forward to contest at the Dekiwala Galkissa municipal council elections. Ranjan de Silva who contested the Dehiwala Galkissa municipal council elections from Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna clinched victory and thus was elected as a municipal member.

Amal Silva who was a bosom friend of Ranjan de Silva had strong opposition targetted at him. About two and half months ago was subjected to an attempt of shooting but managed to scrape through in the nick of time. About five years back there had been a clash between two parties in Gonakovila area in Ratmalana. This clash occured in front of Mp Amal Silva's home and both Amal Silva and Ranjan de Silva were involved in this clash. The battle had gone as far as shooting. In this case several persons were injured in the shooting. The clash had began to develop further. The police had interrogated both Amal Silva and Ranjan de Silva regarding this conflict.

A clash took place in Ratmalana last Wesak Poya Day. Ranjan de Slva and Sachithra de Silva got involved with a group of drug traffickers. In the end some people involved in narcotics were taken into custody by police. It is the opinion of the rivals that it is Ranjan de Silva who was instrumental in coming forward to catch them to the police. Revenge, rage and grudges had no end. Underground elements were keeping their fingers crossed waiting for an opportunity to avenge Ranjan de Silva. Suspicion has cropped up that Gonakovile Anju's crowd had been responsible for the murder of Ranjan de Silva for having provided shelter to Gonakovile Roha, the latter of whom had murdered Podi mahaththaya. Police suspect that Ranjan de Silva was killed as a result of the clash which occured near Amal Silva's home five years prior to this. However, so far the assailants have not been identified. Underground elements who murdered Ranjan de Silva are still on the loose. Truth would come to light soon.

Note: Hemantha Randunu (Divaina)

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