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Swords, clubs, alcohol inside car of Range's son ...  car driven under drunken stupor, crashes into house!
Swords, clubs, alcohol inside car of Range's son ...
car driven under drunken stupor, crashes into house!

A cab belonging to a state ministry which vehicle state minister Mr. Palitha Range Bandara's son has driven had deviated from the road and crashed inside a house at Kottapitiya main junction in Bangadeniya along the main route of Chilaw and Puttalam. The vehicle has suffered serious damage in the process. Mr. Yashoda Range Bandara and another person who were in the vehicle have been admitted to Chilaw general hospital with injuries.

The accident has taken place around 01.30 in the early hours yesterday the sixth. The cab concerned
has been returning home with a crowd of persons after attending a function held at a hotel in Karukapane when the accident has happened. The police have been able to find some documents supposed to be belonging to the secretary of Skills Development and Vocational Training together with information that the cab is one belonging to ministry of Irrigation and Water Management. Apart from that, a sword, some clubs too were found inside the cab. In addition, a bottle of liquor, a bottle of soda, some bites and some cups used for drinking alcohol were found while two persons who were travelling in the cab and the cab itself have been taken into custody by Aarachchikattuwa police.

The hall of the house concerned has turned into a storehouse of rubble after the aftermath of this accident while the cab has suffered severe damage. The owner of the damaged house, Chamara Lahiru Nuwan Amaradivakara mentions that he had identified that it was state minister of Irrigation and Disaster Management, Mr. Palitha Range Bandara whose son it is who had being driving the vehicle. He further says that he, his wife and two children had been sleeping in rooms inside the house at that moment.

At the moment the accident took place, eye witnesses say that a crowd in another cab which had come behind this cab had made the driver of the cab and the injured persons get into their cab and gone away.

This cab which had come along Karukapane route had gone crashing deviating without not being able to turn to the Chilaw Puttalam road, thus running across. With all gas balloons in the this modern cab has opened up and had blasted, and therefore as a result the persons travelling inside could be minimum, police say.

Aarachchikattuwa police has resumed an investigation in relation to the persons who were travelling in the vehicle. Inquiries in relation to the accident are being conducted by officer in charge of traffic division, sub inspector Samaratunga and officers under directions of officer in charge of Aarachchikattuwa police station, inspector of police Mr. Anuradha Herath.

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