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Student who eyed principal and deputy principal behaving in awkward manner ...  thrown out of school!

Student who eyed principal and deputy principal behaving in awkward manner ...
thrown out of school!

An incident where a student who eyed a principal and a lady deputy principal inside the school office has been subjected to being dispelled from school with various bogus accusations being aimed at this student is reported from a school in Gampaha area.

On the occasion when the student concerned had gone to the principal's room to fetch a piece of chalk, he had observed the principal and the lady deputy principal behaving in a lewd manner and he
had spoken about this to his friends, the student says. The student further says that the principal has afterwards inquired about this and had reprimanded him and he was subjected to inhuman punishment by the lady deputy principal accusing him of sporting long hair. That particular day the student's mother had been summoned and he had been expelled from school without any reasonable excuse being given in that respect. Though the student was someone who had won a name as an outstanding student for studies right from the start in school and has also has secured successes in extra sports activities was dispelled from school and it was reported to the zonal department of education by his parents after the incident, this issue has not been inquired into because of some political influence.

The student has further stated in his complaint that after this immodest case of behaviour the principal and the lady deputy principal have resorted to harassing him by bringing out various accusations and when the deputy principal had beaten him saying that his hair was long, he had stretched his hand and tried to evade the blows it was a teacher who came to his rescue. It was also mentioned in the complaint made by the student that two policemen were summoned to the principal's office in the incident where his hair was cut and that his mother too was called to be present and he was made to get involved in a serious misdemeanour to the effect that he had tried to assault the principal.

Subsequently the student concerned has been removed from school and afterwards he had complained to the zonal education office and provincial education office about the injustice done to him on a number of instances, only after pleading in this connection that he was provided another school in the zone finally. However, no action has been taken against the principal while the student has been subjected to heavy mental pressure in the meantime, it is reported. Sources from the zonal education department reports that action against the principal has been thrown under the carpet because of a political hand behind the scene. 

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