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Signs of Ranjan being imprisoned for 2 years ... for contempt of court?
Signs of Ranjan being imprisoned for 2 years ...
for contempt of court?

The court case against deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayaka for contempt of court for having made a statement that he had revealed about some corrupt elements in Sri Lanka's judiciary was taken up for hearing today (4) and time was allocated to express the opinion of the attorney general after scrutinising the video tape containing that particular video.

The attorney general subsequently stated that it appears that at first glance through its contents that
contempt of court is observed in it. The attorney general so expressed his observations to court when the complaint made by Magalkanda Sudantha thero and retired Navy officer Mr. Sunil Perera when their applications that Mr. Ranjan Ramanayaka had resorted to contempt of court were taken in for hearing.  As such, legal profession sources reveal that there is a probability that a similar incident where S.B. Dissanayaka at one time made a slip of the tongue and had to pay the penalty by being imprisoned could be repeated in this instance as well.

In the process, at the time this case was taken up for hearing initially Mr. Ranjan Ramanayaka,  deputy minister of social welfare had stated that he is prepared to serve a two-year jail term, thus expressing his frank ideas about the law of the country and its independency. In the instance that Sri Lanka Attorney-at-Law Society filed action against him on the allegation about a statement that he had made against judges and attorneys-at-Law, what he said was, "Already a thero of Bodu Bala Senava and another person has filed legal action against me. Now the Law Society also has taken legal action against me. I am ready to face a law case. I have enough facts with me. Further information is streaming in. What I say is that not all judges are corrupt. There are judges who would kneel down and worship. We saw a judge like that in the recent past in the North. Judge Sarath Ambepitiya also is like that. Mahinda Rajapaksa and Namal Rajapaksa are lawyers. Colvin R. de Silva is a competent lawyer. But there are  persons who misuse the law and lawyers who come forward to rescue murderers by taking money from them. I respect the court and the law. Minister S.B. also was sentenced to jail, isn't it. I also am ready .. I also will be sent to jail". The case would be taken up for hearing once again for hearing on 18th next month. 

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