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Person embraces death as a result of air pipe inserted in rectum!

Person embraces death as a result of air pipe inserted in rectum!

Bandaragama police say that the person who had been undergoing treatment at the intensive care unit at Horana basic hospital having received serious injuries with an air pipe being inserted into the person's rectum while inside Bandaragama Raigam factory has now passed away.

The deceased is a person by the name of W.R. Sumanadasa, sixty four years of age and a resident of
Bandaragama Raigam North. This victim had been serving as a helper in the said factory where wooden planks were being technically attended to. On the afternoon of last 28th when duties were stopped for the lunch interval another colleague of his had inserted a high pressure air pipe into the deceased's rectum, it was revealed at preliminary inquiries. A certain machine operator of the same factory had aimed this high pressure pipe of the machine on deceased's body when walking past him as if by fun, police record's day.

The machine operator who hastily grabbed the pressure pipe away from the helper had pointed at the rear part of the trouser which the helper was wearing on which occasion and in just a couple of seconds the helper's abdomen was seen swelling from outside and had collapsed and fainted. The other workers who rushed in had swiftly admitted him to Horana basic hospital.

According to the complaint received, the said machine operator had been taken into custody on suspicion and was produced before Horana magistrate Mr. Jayaruwan Dissanayaka in which instance an order was issued to release the suspect on two bonds of Rs. twenty five thousand and to pay an allowance of Rs. twenty five thousand to the victim who was under treatment at the intensive care unit these days.

The victim who had been under treatment for a period of almost seven days at Horana basic hospital had passed away day before yesterday (4) evening and officer in charge of Bandaragama police, inspector of police Mr. K.W.L. Wickramaratna said that he would be reporting about the death to court yesterday the fifth. The officer in charge further remarked that the suspect machine operator who presently has been released by court on bail would once again be arrested and produced before court. Asst. Officer in charge of crimes division, Asst. police inspector, Mr. Mahilal conducts inquiries under instructions of Officer in charge of Bandaragama police, inspector of police, Mr. K.W.L. Wickramaratna.

M.C. Perera

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