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Jackson's daughter says that she does not care what anybody says

Jackson's daughter says that she does not care what anybody says

Various comments were published in the social media about actresses who were adorned in half naked attire, exposing their body at the royal birthday party of Chandimal Jayasingha who incidentally became the topic of the day. Dresses of Jackson Anthony's daughter Madhavi, tele actresses Shalani Tharaka and Nadeesha Hemamali were designed by model designer Rafela
Fernando. This is what she spoke about her fashion creations to a weekend newspaper:

 * How many dress creations were there at Royal birthday party?
  I designed dresses of Shalani, Madhavi and Nadeesha. Sulekha's styling was done and Sachini's hair accessories were designed.

* Madhavi's dress was subjected to good and bad criticisms of most people. In what manner was access made towards that design?
  Yes ... Madhavi's dress was created by me. It should be first said that a designer never forces a dress on somebody. Actually it was not done for Madhavi as such. It was a dress that was there at the London Fashion show which I attended. That day a lot of positive comments were made on that dress. Madhavi is someone who is among celebrities of  this country and someone who has an enchanting body. As such, this dress really suited her. In that instance I designed this dress in association with an Egyptian goddess.

* Even responses received with regard to Shalani's dress were not that much favourable isn't it?
  Shalani actually is dressed in a jump suit. The two arms of that dress cover the shoulders. Since only the legs were exposed, some people feel that it is not suitable. Actually if Shalani wore a long short skirt to that length, people who made those comments would not oppose it. That is the truth of it.

 The purpose of a So in order to fashion designer is not to display the body and gain attraction of an artiste. But an artiste is someone who really should win the attention of viewers. So in order to attract that attention, fashion creations of his or her is significant. 

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