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Illicit IMO romance of mother of two ...  ends up with scene of stabbing!
Illicit IMO romance of mother of two ...
ends up with scene of stabbing!

A mother of two children who had been maintaining an illicit love affair with a father of two children, having utilised the IMP App of a mobile phone was subjected to a case of stabbing at four places in the body and is in a serious condition. The crime is reported from Kurunegala.

The husband of the said female had been employed overseas for a number of years and during this period she has developed a romance with a father of two across the IMO App. He happens to be
someone who has retired from the army and is resident in Polonnaruwa. The association however has come to a halt for some months because of a certain misunderstanding. This woman who is under treatment after being stabbed has informed the legal wife of the person with whom she had got involved in the illicit entanglement about their clandestine affair, and as a consequence the illicit lover has had nowhere to lean to as such, it is said. He had in fact gone into a rage because his wife had gone away from the house, taking the two children with her. The retired army soldier who had gone into a frenzy over this situation had come to Udayandana from Polonnaruwa and had taken refuge in the illicit paramour's house on the sly and had committed this crime.

On the day of this incident he had come there on the fifth around 1.00 in the morning and had stabbed her in the front and rear of her body with a sharp instrument causing her grievous hurt and had beat a retreat. The neighbours had then taken steps to hospitalise the wounded woman. The police said that she is under care of the intensive care unit of Kurunegala Teaching Hospital and hat her condition is serious. It was a woman aged 38 years residing in Udayandana area of Kurunegala police division who faced this tragical scene.

Though the assailant has tried to flee from the grip of the police when she was hospitalised, his attempt has come to nought. Kurunegala police headquarters crime division said that he has been remanded till the 20th on court otders. 

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