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Husband Kills Wife, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law and 6 month old child and commits suicide!

Last afternoon (30) around 1.30 a certain husband of a house in North Kadigamuwa area belonging to Bingiriya police area has chopped his wife, wife's mother, father-in-law and his months old baby with a sharp instrument, severely injuring them and has finally committed suicide in front of the house. On being admitted to hospital the 6 months old baby has passed away. His 24 year old wife, the 42 year old mother and 2 year old father
is under treatment in a serious condition at Kuliyapitiya hospital.

The wife concerned after delivering her baby had gone to her mother's home and because of a misunderstanding that had occured between the two she had not come back to the house. The assailant who had in the process had lived outside home and had to her ancestral home and called her back home which she had refused. In that instance her husband not being able to control his rage had finally resorted to this crime.

The assailant has initially attacked his wife and with a sharp instrument when her mother and father too had come to her rescue to appease the situation he had he had in turn attacked her mother and father with it, villagers say. Subsequently, he had chopped his 6 month old baby boy and the boy had died on the spot. It was a 6 month old toddler by the name of Madhura Abhiman who thus embraced death after being brutally chopped. The alleged suspect father is one Amith Kandaketiya, a 34 year old person residing in Kandaketiya. He had committed suicide at the same scene of crime in the most violent manner. His head was found detached from his body and the face disfigured, it was reported. The police say that he had been subjected to a blast because he had committed suicide by using a 'hakkapatas'. Bingiriya police are conducting further investigations.

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