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Hema Nalin's death leaves question mark!

Hema Nalin's death leaves question mark!

A special police investigation is underway about the manner in which distinguished rupavahini host lost his life.

Hema Nalin in fact was a married person with one daughter. But he has lived in the Malabe house all alone. He had lived on the top floor of the house while those involved in his media academy had lived in other rooms. At the time of
death of Mr. Hema Nalin he was  years of age and he had displayed no sickness. The day before the incident in the evening around six o'clock he had arrived at the house at Millagahawatta, 3rd lane, it was revealed from witnesses. It incidentally was after returning from a journey he had made to Anuradhapura on an official matter.

Since he was not to be seen the following day morning, though others have had some suspicion, they had not cared to inquire further believing that he may still be sleeping after his travel to Anuradhapura, perhaps being tired. Whatever it is, as there was no positive indications until about 12 in the afternoon, two of his subordinates together with a neighbour had taken steps to inqire about him.

As there was no separate form of access to the top floor of the house, since reaching the room from outside was difficult, a ladder was installed and access was gained only through a window in his room when it was found that he was dead. Inspection reports say that he was lying on bed frothing from his mouth. Stunned with surprise his subordinates had contacted Mr. Hema Nalin's younger brother over the telephone and had broken the news. Later on arrival there he had taken steps to notify the police.

The police on arrival had broken open the door and the dead body was taken to hospital. However they too found that he was already not among the living, it was reported. Mr. Hema Nalin's wife was university lecturer Iresha Karunaratna. She in fact is the daughter of Professor W.D. Lakshman. It has not been reported that they had not been in touch with the deceased for a period of time.

Mr. Hema Nalin Karunaratna was someone who brought about a pioneering change in the field of the media of this country and his hometown happens to be Matugama. He is an Old Boy of Matugama St. Mary's and Colombo Royal College. Hema Nalin joinafter ed national rupavahini as a producer in 1983 after several training sessions overseas and achieved a name as an announcer, script writer and researcher as well. He in fact was highly conscious about improper useage of the language and the number of students he bestowed to the field of media is countless. The postmortem would be conducted today at Colombo national hospital. Police investigations are continuing to ascertain as to how he lost his life.

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