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Fly Dubai bids goodbye ...  final flight on Friday too cancelled
Fly Dubai
bids goodbye ...
final flight on Friday too cancelled                 

No reasons have been given for Fly Dubai which were transporting a least number of passengers for a period of time to desert Mattala. Though Sri Lankan Airways had scheduled flights across Mattala, those flights were discontinued from 2015 due to the minimum number of passengers. It was explained that by stopping those flights it would be possible to stop a
wastage of 18 million dollars. Since the last government stood by their final decision that an airport was deemed essential for Hambantota in spite of numerous environmental and problems of distance (a 5 hour journey for a distance of 250 kilometers to Colombo), it was built in 2013 at an investment of 210 American dolars.

However, there were environmental issues such as birds being knocked down and dying in the process during the construction. Even special operations were carried out to direct deer and elephants to other locations within a period of two years on opening of the airport in the reserve where it was constructed by using services of security units.

International business magazines have named Mattala as the most desolate airport in the world and an employee batch of 500 at Mattala had been participant in supplying fuel to Antanov, the world's largest airliner. However the location would from this week onwards turn out to be a place which would not be made use of by anybody as such.

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