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 ​​Divaina news about bricks being set up on planet Mars,    rocks social media!
​​Divaina news about bricks being set up on planet Mars, 
 rocks social media!

What was revealed from a piece of foreign news published on 4th page of last Saturday's daily newspaper of Divaina was that a pile of bricks used for construction of buildings was found on planet Mars. It was described on the page concerned that this discovery was detected
by Curiosity rover for research purposes which was released by NASA recently as found on planet Mars. It was further explained that this pile of bricks dates way back as 3.5 billion years which is amazing.

Whatever it is, notes published in the social media with reference to this relevant piece of information has been pointed out as a blemish that has occured as a result of incorrect translation of news released by foreign media and that it is therefore erroneous. 

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