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 Boy who tried to break up intimate relationship with friend and go abroad​ ... stabbed!

Boy who tried to break up intimate relationship with friend and go abroad​ ... stabbed!

The root cause for the incident of stabbing which took place inside a restaurant at Matale was an incident relating to homosexual activity, it has been revealed from police investigations conducted so far by now.

A stabbing case had taken place inside a room of a restaurant in the town of Matale some days back where two young boys had been lodging and as a result one of them has received injuries and
admitted to Matale district general hospital. The manager of the hotel has provided testimony to police to the effect that these two boys had found lodging at the hotel and had comported themselves as close friends and therefore the  friend who was the assailant was continuously interrogated by police.

The two boys concerned are residents of Walawela and Ratnapura areas and were of the ages of 21 and 24 years. One of the boys had received an SMS on his phone from the other two years before and had thereby come to know each other. Subsequently they had been chatting to each other over the phone for a number of months and ha developed a close relationship, it was revealed at questioning. It was stated that the boys had turned their close acquaitanship into a homosexual relationship in the meantime and later they had stayed back at each other's homes alternatively for several days and had associated each other as friends.

Last year the two of them had found employment at a leading grocery shop in the town of Matale and they had proceeded to work there by taking lodging at a certain place, still carrying on their intimate relationship. In the meantime one of them had got an opportunity to proceed overseas for a job and had thus taken a decision to chuck up his present job in which instance the other friend has had a tiff with him on this matter explaining that it was a problematic issue that he would thus be left alone this way. However his friend has not shown any interest in changing his decision.

He had then told that there was something important which has to be conveyed and had invited the other party to meet him for the last time. On this request the two of them had arrived in Matale town and had taken lodging at a hotel in Higgolla area in this manner.

After meeting they had right along entered into an argument about this decision to go abroad and the argument which went beyond limits finally ended up with the friend stabbing the other. Though the assailant had preplanned to end his life by drinking some poison which he had concealed in his clothes bag, those in the hotel had rushed to stop him at which moment he had given up his attempt to do so, the friend had told police. The injured boy is under treatment at Matale hospital while the suspect is expected to be produced before court. 

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