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 Well known Astrologer Nattandiye P.D. Perera ...  commits suicide!
Well known Astrologer Nattandiye P.D. Perera ...
commits suicide!

Popular Astrologer, Mr. P.D. Perera has unexpectedly committed suicide, it was reported.

Mr. Perera was someone who has achieved popularity for having published forecasts and has inspected horoscopes of a number of outstanding politicians in Sri Lanka. 72 year old Mr. Perera
has been seated on the railway track close to Negombo Kattuwa railway station and had committed suicide by jumping in front of a train that was plying towards Colombo from Chilaw.

The reason as to why he had gone to Negomno is still not clear. However it has been revealed at testimonies revealed at the autopsy that he had been depressed over financial problems that had been aggravating. Members of his family have said that he had been burdened with financial problems and that his creditors have continuously been worrying him for the loans he had taken.

The field of Astrology has declined as a result of unsuccessful forecasts published in relation to political swings in the country during the past and consequently most people had to face losses in a business perspective. Mr. Perera was someone who has had media discussions about these professional problems by getting together with Astrological associations. 

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