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 Hidden story behind artist Sithum Sudhara who killed his wife

Hidden story behind artist Sithum Sudhara who killed his wife

Artist Sithum Sudhara who murdered his wife and then made an attempt to commit suicide by jumping into a well by now is under police custody. The story that transpired from the day he confronted his wife Kumudu and fell deeply in love and the moment when his temper reached its apex is hitherto revealed. 

This artist who was living in Veyangoda area engaged in the profession of the Batik trade which
actually was the trade which came down from the family. It was a few years before that Sithum comes across Kumudu at a certain festival. From the very first day Sithum set his eyes upon Kumudu, he had developed a love for her. That night he began to dream about her the whole night. The next day itself he had etched her figure, imagining her beauty. He had thus made a resolution that he would some day or the other make Kumudu his lover and called her this way:
"Hello nangi ... can you rember me? I am Sudhara". 
"Ah ... yes aiyya ... I can remember you. It's the aiyya who does art work, isn't it?"
"Exactly right. So I called you to give a present"
"What presents for me aiyya ... we came to know each other that day, no"
"Aiyo ... don't get scared. This is a special gift"
"What's the special gift ... I don't want anybody's gifts"
"Don't get scared. I drew your face the way I could remember. It's to give that drawing that I called you"
"Ane ... is it so ... I got scared thinking it was something else ... why ane you drew my face ... didn't you have any other faces to draw ...?"
"Your face is really so nice ... that's why I drew it"
"Don't tell lies ayye"
"Not lies, it's true. How can I give this to you nangi?"
"Aiyya, you post it. I'll give you the address"
"Ok nangi"

The romance that kindled in that manner subsequently blossomed into a love affair even before a few weeks elapsed. Now Kumudu's whole world was nothing but Sudhara. She had loved his heart as well as his artistic creations all the same, it is understood. Sudhara too felt the same emotion towards her. He had loved his lover more than his life. Kumudu in fact was about three years elder to him. But that was not an obstacle for their love.

Sudhara's father incidentally was well-known artist Ranjitpriya. His home was commonly known as 'Batik nivasa' among villagers. Not long after, Sudhara broke the news about Kumudu to his parents. Then Kumudu too told her parents about Sudhara. However Kumudu's home-people at first did not take a liking towards the attachment. Later, on Kumudu's headstrong compulsion her parents gave in to her desire.

Sudhara on a certain day in the month of January made her his legal wife and brought her to 'Batik nivasa'. Two or three months they had lived in happiness together. But as time passed by Sudhara had begun to change as unexpected. This sudden change that came over him was something that she could not understand. Sudhara began to change more and more as time progressed. In the end he would engage in a quarrel even for the slightest thing. She was thus for a number of months bearing the scoldings and beatings of Sudhara because of the sheer love she had for Sudhara. Kumudu too of course had her limits of patience. Ultimately she haded towards her parents with tears in her eyes.

"Ane amme ... I can't live with Sudhara anymore. He's not the person who was before. Now he behaves like an animal ... every time he beats me, scolds me. His parents are also like that. Every time they take his side. Now I am fed up of life ...!" That is what she said.

"We told you duwe not to get married to him. But you didn't listen to us. Now there's nothing to do. You are not too much for us. Till we die we'll look after you", was the response of her parents. Though it consoled her heart to some extent, she however began to entertain sorrowful thoughts about her future and her husband. In the same way she had a host of other problems. She began to get sadder and sadder wondering how she was to face society and friends.

After about a month passed, Sudhara began to feel a love for his wife once again. He buried the past unpleasant memories. He began to view his wife with love. "Those past incidents won't happen again". On that promise that he made to Kumudu he brought her back to 'Batik nivasa' once again. For some weeks the two of them got along happily. But again Sudhara began to change unanticipatedly. As before, conflicts began to raise its head as before. In the process Sudhara's parents too interfered in these disputes. Whatever anybody would say, nobody could settle the quarrels that flared between the two. In fact, these disputes between the couple of course was not something new for the neighbours.

The time was past seven one night. The quarrel which took place that night was beginning to reach a high level. Both of them in fact had been hammering at each other in the harshest words possible. Their shouting in fact became a nuisance to people around as well. That night Sudhara behaved as a brute.

"I'll have to do one or the other today. It's enough that I lived with you. You are a big devil!"
"Is it only now that you realised that I am a devil? I am not scared of your mouth now. Do what you can"
"I am telling you ... shut that dirty mouth ... if not I'll hit you for you to lose all your teeth!"
"Hit if you can ... you think I'll get scared?"

The couple who engaged in a big tiff this way even went to the extent of clobbering each other. At that moment Sudhara behaved worse than a brute. Not being able to control his temper, what Sudhara did was pick up a dumbell which he had been using for his exercises and aim it with utmost force at Kumudu's head. One could hear some words leaving her mouth at that moment. She was battling between life and death that moment. Just then neighbours who rushed in took steps to take her to Wathupitiwela hospital.

The gravity of what was done transpired on the artist only a few minutes later. He then realised that there was no point in living anymore. He too thus made a decision of putting an end to his life. Thereby he jumped into a nearby well with the idea of committing suicide. But everybody around were witnesses to this. Without delay they then rushed in rescued Sudhara who jumped into the well. Later police officers who visited this scene of violence took him into custody.

Though admitted to hospital, Kumudu's life could not be saved.  Finally she left everything and left this world forever. Sudhara who could not control his excessive temper and killed his wife may now be thinking about the seriousness of his blunder and definitely must be repenting about his crime. 

Gayan Samarasingha (Divaina)

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