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 Daughters who left mother who had grave cancer ... on the road!

Daughters who left mother who had grave cancer ... on the road!

​A mother of three children who had been thrown into a totally helpless situation and had been suffering from acute cancer for a number of years had forwarded her complaint yesterday (2) to the Anuradhapura division Child and Women's Bureau against her daughter who was engaged in the civil security force and another daughter.

It is one Mrs. P. Dharmalatha, a 58 year old mother of three children living at the address of Viharapalugama, Viharahalmillewa, Anuradhapura who has been thus thrown into a hopeless
situation not being able to bear up the sufferings of her two daughters. A female soldier attached to the Anuradhapura Mahamevuna work-site belonging to the Civil Security Force Department, her sister and father happens to be residing in her house and property and had attended the house in the hospital and subsequently had returned to the clinic at which moment the daughter attached to the above-said forces had taken priority and had chased her out of the house, the complainant had remarked.

In the instance she had attended the cancer clinic at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital day-before-yesterday (1) and had returned home, her two daughters referred to had shouted at her saying "you don't come to this house anymore!" and had thus chased her. This mother who had then slept at a bus-stand close to the house when some villagers on noticing this had notified a journalist and that person in turn had taken steps to bring this to the attention of Mr. Thilina Hewapathirana, Superintendent of Police in charge of  Anuradhapura Division.

Those who visited the place concerned were able to see the pathetic scene of how she had been sleeping at the bus-stop, covering herself with just a small piece of cloth with a hot-water bottle and some medicine by her side.  The Superintendent of Police who immediately took action according to the information conveyed to him by the journalist had in turn requested the officer-in-charge of Udamaluwa police station after which a posse of policemen had rushed to the location concerned to confront this mother and having confirmed her identity had subsequently dispatched her to the soldier of the security forces. However, only a few minutes had elapsed after she had thus been sent home when the two daughters had once again chased her away from the house.

The inquiry in this connection is to be held today (3) with both of them and the helpless cancer patient being summoned to Anuradhapura Child and Women's office. The police had in the process come to understand that the son of the petitioner cancer patient is serving the Navy and that he and the daughter-in-law had been treating and caring her well.

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