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 Fonseka nicknamed 'kalawedda' in parliament ...  Fonseka replies 'Viagra bhoothaya'!
Fonseka nicknamed 'kalawedda' in parliament ...
Fonseka replies 'Viagra bhoothaya'!

The no-confidence motion debate which was heard in parliament yesterday became an interesting platform for most politicians to bring out old revenges into the open. When considering arguments that ensued during the debate among speakers who aimed 'mud' at each other were interesting while
some arguments turned out to be disgusting.

During the process of Minister Sarath Fonseka's speech it was mentioned that the former President had was someone who aroused racialism and thus boosted his voting foundation. On that occasion Wimal shouted at him calling him 'kalawedda'. In response to this insult Fonseka took the opportunity of bringing to memory the incident of the young man who died in Wimal's house and a 'Viagra bhoothaya'.

On yet another occasion when making a speech referring to a young Mp who was adorned with a red scarf, Ranjit Soysa happened to reprimand him by saying 'kewattaya who is unable to secure even 5000 votes'. In response to that statement Fonseka too reprimanded by uttering words like 'booruwa', 'gona'. At the moment when Fonseka tried to speak about the person who was going to be the Presidential candidate in 2020, a heated situation flared up. The video of that instance, from below 

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