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 Pill of sterility in koththu curry turns out to be a lump of flour!

Pill of sterility in koththu curry turns out to be a lump of flour!

The government analyst's report about the lump in a koththu curry which paved the way to set fire to a hotel in Amparai some days ago and which incidentally was the very first step which led the initial step to kindle racial animosity has now been released and what is mentioned there
is only that 'a part of some sort of food' was found inside that lump.

As such, it is now obvious that a certain group of individuals had acted in a stupid manner and had created a hulabaloo of this nature only for a lump of flour! The certified report that the government analyst, Mr. A. Weliangage directed to police was conclusively recorded in that report, it was reported. The analyst further mentioned that starch was identified from that suspicious piece of eatable and that it could well be a part of the food itself.

A Sinhala group of people who had been having dinner at a certain hotel belonging to Muslims in Amparai town had ordered koththu and on the occasion they were served the koththu with meat curry what they had assumed was that there was a lump with that curry and so they have queried "aren't these birth control pills? Tell ... aren't these birth control pills?" and thus had created a conflict with a worker there and ultimately this crowd had released a video to the social media which showed them trying to extract a statement from him. Later photographs with that hotel being set on fire and destroyed was released across the social media.

As a result of this irresponsible behaviour, steps had been taken this way to create suspicion and curiosity among communities by publicizing ideas of this sort to the effect that the Muslims are using birth control pills with the motive of creating barrenness in the Sinhala race. In the meantime, Health Services Director Mr. Anil Jaasingha too made an explanation on this matter; but the government analyst's report relevant to this issue was subjected to delay.

In the face of the situation where the Muslim - Sinhala suspicion has gone beyond limits and finally caused a clash in Kandy, a  media correspondent questioned Minister Rajitha at the cabinet media briefing yesterday as to why the said report was delaying and at that moment the minister's response was that in that case it must be questioned from the government analyst himself. Whatever it is, a few hours after that the department had hastened to make public that report. The delay to mention that what was in koththu parata portion was only a piece of starch portrays the lackadaisical attitude of the said government department. The response of Minister Rajitha to the question posed by a media correspondent last morning as to why the report on the pill found in Amparai
​was delayed, is seen in the video below​

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