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 Official announcement by Prime Minister about current situation and future steps to be implemented

Official announcement by Prime Minister about current situation and future steps to be implemented

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Major General Rukman Dias appointed to direct Kandy tri-forces and the police -- special announcement by Premier Ranil

A special statement has been issued by Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickremasingha, minister for Law and Order about the true situation prevailing in Kandy and security measures. It is in full as follows:
"I make this statement today to explain matters about the situation prevailing in Kandy at present. I made a special statement in parliament about activities of violence and sabotage that have occured in
certain parts of Kandy district which took place on the aftermath of a driver in Teldeniya area being assaulted and resulting in death thereafter, and also enforcing emergency law. By now emergency law has been enforced right round the island. The police curfew enforced on Kandy district was removed this morning at 6.00 .

Incidents of setting fire to various business places at Katugastota and sorrounding areas today were reported. As reported so far, a hand-bomb in possession of crowds who behaved in a fighting manner had exploded. Police are conducting investigations in this connection. Law and order prevails in other areas of Kandy district. Taking into consideration the prevalent situation, steps have been taken to enforce curfew once again to Kandy district.

Though rumours are being circulated that members of the clergy have been harmed, no such incident has taken place, I would like to mention. In the same way, the tri-forces, special task force and the police have been by now deployed all over in the district of Kandy. Major General Mr. Rukman Dias, has been appointed to co-ordinate efforts between tri-forces and police in central province. They have been issued instructions to bring under control all types of restlessness. Additional forces have been sent out to these areas. Equally so, in order to counter false rumours which mislead the public, spread revenge and provoke the masses, social media has been blocked.

I beseech the public to act in a peaceful manner because curfew has been enforced and the emergency is in operation all over the island. In the same way I ask members of the public to give of their maximum support to safeguard law and order. I would like to say that the situation in other areas of the country are peaceful. I ask the public to act with responsibility. I would like to mention that every legal measure will be taken to act strongly against those and also groups who engage in violent activities like this and looting too. As such, what I beseech from Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities finally is to give your maximum support to control this heated situation and to stabilise a safe environment.

Ranil Wickremasingha
Prime Minister 

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