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 Kandy issue updates -- 8.45 amKandy issue updates -- 8.45 am

Curfew for Kandy continues
Over 100 persons arrested
Explosion in Ambatenna
Police for Welimada too
Mahinda willing to support government
Number to complain -- 24 hours open
All schools open -- date indefinite

The curfew which was in operation throughout Kandy district from 4.00 in the evening yesterday to control the unsettled situation, police said would continue till 4.00 in the evening today; however the curfew enforced for the administrative district of Kandy was lifted at 10.00 in the morning on March
08th and is to be enforced once again at 6.00 pm, it has now been reported.

According to the clause in the public protection ordinance, curfew was imposed by Mr. Pujith Jayasundera from 4.00 last evening on the district of Kandy. Police say that during the said period, nobody is allowed to travel on the road and gather at public places other than all government servants, police officers and members of the tri-forces.

Over 100 persons arrested

Police yesterday (07) arrested over 100 persons who had behaved in an aggressive and hostile mood. Among them, police said the majority of them were not inhabitants of Kandy, police say. Police also say that 80 percent of the unsettled situation in Kandy could be brought under control by about 6.00 in the evening yesterday (07) with the united effort of police and the forces.

1 person dead from Ambatenna explosion

As a consequence of a certain incident that took place in Ambatenna day-before-yesterday (06) night, 1 person lost his life. 08 others who were in his company were wounded and were admitted to Kandy General Hospital. Police say that the situation in Kandy became intensified once again yesterday (07) as a consequence of this incident. Crowds who became tumultous because of it then had begun to create damage to shops and houses and had behaved in an outrageous manner. The police then were compelled to fire shots in order to bring them under control. Unofficial reports say that in the process 2 persons were injured. Final rites of  the person who died from the blast was expected to be conduced today (08); therefore it was pertinent to afford further protection to the city of Kandy, police say.

Police to Welimada too

Special police protection was afforded to the city of Welimada last evening (07). Apart from police, forces and police special task force too were called, it has been reported. It was further learned that police patrolling were in operation around the city.

Mahinda willing to give support to government

Former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa says that he is willing to give support to government to control the prevalent conflictory atmosphere in the country. What he points out is that everyone should unite in order to bring peace within the country. These ideas were expressed by former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa last afternoon (07) by summoning a media briefing.

Number to complain -- 24 hours open

Government has taken steps to install a service centre operating 24 hours a day throughout the country in the backdrop of this heated situation in the country. This centre has been established in order to secure information about individuals and groups of individuals who engage in acts of sabotage or engage in plans to do so and to take action to swiftly control such actions. The number 0711 261 261 could be dialled to contact the centre which is in operation 24 hours a day and information could be provided across the e-mail: [email protected] the government information department says.

All schools closed -- no definite date

The ministry of education has taken steps to close down all schools in Kandy district on an indefinite basis and no definite date has still been declared wen they would be opened.

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