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 Can sterility be effected by taking oral medicine? -- Specialist physician Dr. Ariyasena U. Gamage (video)

Can sterility be effected by taking oral medicine? -- Specialist physician Dr. Ariyasena U. Gamage (video)

An attempt had been taken to set fire and destroy a restaurant in Amparai and to create a heated situation sometime back in that connection, the reason being the assumption that some sterile drug has been introduced into a curry which had accompanied a 'koththu' given by the said restaurant and that it was used with the motive launched by Muslim nationals with the objective
of creating infertility among the Sinhalese race.

There has still been no confirmation or scientific explanation about this by the public health officer on food regarding this matter. Those responsible for this confusion had released the statement to the social media as: "because kade aiyya accepted it ... we set fire to the place".

The gossip connected to 'Sinhala koththu' and 'sterile medicine food in Muslim restaurants' is something that keeps cropping up from the period 2010 - 11 and was an ida which in fact was non-existent in this country upto the post-war period. It however is the opinion of scholars that there is a narrow political meaning behind this concept circulating, with the objective of boosting the image of the leader as the only one who rescued this country on behalf of the superior nation. The motive behind it then is to bring about fresh and hitherto non-existent issues among the races and communities and the ambition to do so on that behalf under the cover of devotion for Sinhala, but only for political gain. A number of youth connected to Facebook are engaging in such a continuous struggle giving the impression that they stand on behalf of the Sinhala race which actually are being directed by a political hand in this regard.

This accusation was targetted at M.J.M. Hotel down Hirimbura Road, Galagediya in Galle and Thalal Hotel at Thanipolgaha Junction in Galle during September, 2017. What later came to be known in this connection was that competitive traders in those junctions had been directing those problems for the sake of business advantages in order to ride over their counterparts.

When the cashier had remarked "shingal koththu ekak daanna' it was mistakenly understood as 'Sinhala koththu ekak daanna" and this extended into a conflict linked to such a 'special type of sterile koththu'. The group who were under provocation have aimed petrol bombs and have gone to the extent of demolishing those establishments. The incident which hapened in Amparai last week was akin to this. It is pertinent to inquire as to whether the allegation aimed by the youth that sterile drugs have been inroduced to a koththu curry is true or not, from a medical standpoint. The opinion expressed by Consultant Dr. Ariyasena U. Gamage in this connection is as follows:

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