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 Investors have come ...  Rumours of buying over Swarnavahini ...  ETI Finance which has collapsed .. taken over by Central Bank

Investors have come ...
Rumours of buying over Swarnavahini ...
ETI Finance which has collapsed .. taken over by Central Bank

Numerous news had spread across relating to EAP Media and ETI Finance Company during the past. In fact there certainly was some truth about that information which scattered around Swarnavahini Channel going bankrupt with ETI Finance Company facing a notable financial downfall, subjecting its depositors to being abandoned, so to say. 

With the demise of Mrs. Soma Edirisingha, EAP business  holdings were distributed among her
children after which, news began to circulate that Swarnavahini Channel had collapsed. Actually, according to Swarnavahini survey reports, it had fallen down to number 7 and as a consequence a change in their top ranks had experienced a change as well with action accompanying the situation prompting several changes being effected in the process. Even the logo of Swarnavahini familiar to most people was changed while tele-dramas running non-stop took place with changes in the time of newscasts too being altered. However, most people in the field did not pin hopes that with those changes the channel would reap beneficial results as such.

But all in all, according to the LMRB analysis report, Swarnavahini has once again lifted her head up. By now, Derana has reached number one position, Hiru to number two with Swarnavahini being placed third. Sirasa, ITN, National Television and others have slided back.

In the process, a certain foreign investor has signalled his interest in purchasing shares of Swarnavahini and agreements in this connection are to be signed in a few more days' time, it is understood. In the meantime, several competitive channels have spread various rumours connected to the person who is ready to invest in the Swarnavahini channel. On making inquiries in this respect, it is understood that a particular channel had been aspiring to throw their funds on acquiring Swarnavahini and because such hopes had misfired, this rumour has been sent round.

In the meantime, the Central Bank has issued an announcement yesterday (2) in connection with ETI Finance Company confirming information about this collapse, explaining steps envisaged in providing security to the depositors concerned. With reference to the latest analysis, statistics of Swarnavahini and the announcement of the Central Bank are seen below 

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