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 Foreigner found murdered in Maligawattha ... a drug addict!  Was he killed or had died? Suspicion lurks ...
Foreigner found murdered in Maligawattha ... a drug addict!
Was he killed or had died? Suspicion lurks ...

Much information regarding the British national found dead at Araliya Uyana, Maligawattha some days ago have been unveiled by now.

This victim, 37 year old Charles Bear has been heavily into drugs, it was reported. This Britisher has come to this country last November for the purpose of taking treatment from a
rehabilitation centre in Wadduwa. However, instead of following the treatment he had gone to Wadduwa town to take a dose of narcotic pills while still lodging there. As a consequence he had been expelled from there and administrative authorities there have decided to send him back to Britain last December 18th. Accordingly after being notified to leave the country, though he had come to Katunayaka Airport to travel back to his country, he had once again desired to taste those narcotic pills again and had arrived in Maradana in a rented out vehicle and had found lodging at a hotel the day before the tragic incident. When lodging there he had come across a three-wheel driver and another person and had mentioned about his requirement. Subsequently he had bought drugs to the value of Rs. 2000 from Grandpass area and had gone to a person's house to have the drug injected. On that occasion he had gone into an unconscious state all of a sudden; those 2 persons who are being interrogated in this connection had revealed this to the police.

Later it was told that the body of this British national was dumped at Maligawattha Araliya Uyana Playground. Subsequently, the suspects had surreptiously set fire to his bag in Maradana Mohideen Masjid area. According to investigations conducted by police, the three-wheel driver and the other person connected to the incident are presently in custody. At the moment when they were taken into custody, the passport, air ticket, a bundle of money and a wristwatch of the deceased Britisher were found in their possession.

Whether this was an incident of a planned killing or a death which occured as a result of a sickness the foreigner suffered from would be decided after the postmortem is conducted. Further inquiries relevant to the incident is continuing.

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