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 Underworld elements murder beautician in Kottawa!

Underworld elements murder beautician in Kottawa!

2 underworld individuals who barged into a house in Kottawa, Rukmale area had fled after shooting down a beautician, it is reported. The beautician who was shot down is a 41 year old mother of 2 children named Manjula Sanduni Abeywickrema, it is learned. At the background behind this murder, rumours are circulating that it was because of a conflict that had flared up
over underground connections and therefore resulting in an incident of revenge.

Manil Bandara, an underground individual who had visited this beauty salon belonging to this deceased lady in the month of last January was in the process of having a hair cut there when he was killed by a group who barged in there and on inquiries conducted later it was revealed that that this lady had provided assistance for that murder. As a consequence she was remanded those days in connection with that crime and she was bailed out; but because of threats made at her, she had been in hiding for about 6 months.

Yesterday the said murder had taken place at a time she had returned home and was in the company of her children and husband. There had been two other cases filed against her in relation to financial involvements and last evening she had arrived at Kaduwela Courts and after being freed of those cases she had come out once again from the places where she had been hiding and the said assailants may have come to know about it, it is understood.

Last night around 8.45 in the night the 2 assailants had come to her house on motor bikes with their faces covered and had committed this crime by opening fire on her. She had after seeing the assailants had then run towards the mother-in-law and embraced her; however, the criminals had continued aiming a barrage of shots at her, it was revealed at investigations. It was subsequently known that about 14 gun shots were aimed at her. Investigations are underway over the incident.

(Airangi Edirisingha)

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