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 Woman murdered with paramour in Deraniyagala has had men everywhere! ... 5 children from 2 marriages! ... Husband's younger brother involved in the killings ... also another paramour!

Woman murdered with paramour in Deraniyagala has had men everywhere! ...5 children from 2 marriages! ... Husband's younger brother involved in the killings ... also another paramour!

A host of information now keeps streaming in about the Deraniyagala woman who faced death because of a clash that took place between two paramours who were associating her. She had been inviting various men to her home on days that her husband had not been at home.

As a result of this incident the woman was killed together with her illicit lover while the two children
of the deceased woman aged 4 and 7 years were injured during the process. Kanthi Hemalatha (32) this deceased woman had 3 children from a previous marriage and she has left her husband and the children 10 years before this and having come to Deraniyagala with the person with whom she had now been living and had subsequently borne these two children, it is understood.

This woman who is supposed to be endowed with strong sexual potency has been in the habit of maintaining intimate relationships with other men with the children too being aware of it and her earlier marriage has gone on the rocks due to this very reason. The then husband has under these circumstances taken custody of the three children and subsequently chased her out of the house. However she has continued this 'game' right along, it is learned. She has only one registered marriage in her name as such. She has incidentally not been legally married to her present spouse. She has from time to time been involved with men whom she used to come across on various occasions and has had such intimate relationships with a number of men during the past.

It is of special importance to note that her paramour was murdered by none other than the present illicit husband's younger brother. When the husband used to go to work to a distant area he would return home only once a week on weekends and during that period this 32 year old woman had induced this aforementioned younger brother aged 27 years to engage in illicit relationships. In this respect the two of them had taken precautions to prevent any suspicion emerging in the minds of the two children of the movements of their father's younger brother who used to frequent the home.

During this time the said paramour too has found a job and he had found it difficult to take leave to come and visit her while in certain instances he had managed to secure leave from his job and come during afternoons to meet her. During the time-period when the husband's younger brother's companionship began to dwindle, a certain 50 year old 'uncle' whom the woman had met at a co-operative store about 3 months ago has got the opportunity of replacing the young man's gap. She at the initial stages has invited him home to engage in a tete-a-tete and had introduced him to the children as 'co-operative uncle'. The children of course has had nothing surprising about new friends whom their mother used to associate with.

The root cause for these murders in fact was that the young man had smelled something fishy about an outsider who has grabbed the asset which only he and his elder brother were supposed to claim. When the woman was questioned about it, she has rejected that accusation. Having checked the time when 'co-operative uncle' was suspected to be in, the young man has has made a surprise visit to the woman's home with the motive of trapping the couple.

On this particular day when he approached the house the two children had been playing in the garden and instantly he had made a dart towards the bedroom. Since the door had been locked from inside he had tried to open the door when this 'uncle' and the woman had emerged from the room. As the illicit relationship was thus exposed the young man has blamed the woman with anger when at that moment the woman had responded saying "what does it matter to you about whom I bring to my house?" The young man who became enraged with this unexpected question by the woman had then made a dash towards the kitchen of the house and having picked up a knife had finally chopped her up in a brutal manner.

During this process the 'co-operative uncle' had beat a retreat and the assailant has run behind him. When running like this the children playing in the garden who became frightened over this conflict had shouted at their relative father and had tried to prevent him from creating further harm when he had pushed them aside with the hand which held the knife and the children themselves were injured. Later, after pursuing the prey for some distance he too was thus attacked by the knife and killed. The 'uncle's dead body was found about 60 metres beyond the house of the woman.

The murderer of this dual murder who fled the area was nabbed yesterday (27) early morning and taken into police custody while in hiding in a private garden in Malibada area, Deraniyagala Police say. 5 teams of policemen were launched as search operations to arrest this suspect. The suspect so arrested was expected to be produced before Avissawella Magistrate Court.

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