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West and South in turbulence! Because of torrential rains
West and South in turbulence! Because of torrential rains

As a result of strong winds and falling of trees and buildings in Colombo including regions in a number of Galle and Matara Districts, road obstructions and other associated damages have been reported from several incidents.

The railway control room says that trains plying along coastal lines have come to a halt because of
landslides that have occured because of strong winds and as a consequence many passengers have been inconvenienced. Power breakdowns have been reported from a number of areas. Transport facilities along the Southern Expressway too have been hampered. The disaster management centre reports that several routes have been blocked in Colombo because of trees falling.

The meteorological department has informed that strong, gusty winds could be expected on Thursday. It is reported that a strong wind has blown across Galle, Matara and Hambanthota districts too. According to the prevailing inclement weather conditions the velocity of winds could be 70 - 80 kilometres the weather department had cautioned the fishing community about it. As a consequence of this weather situation 2 flights which were expected to land in Mattala have been deviated to Katunayaka airport. As such, 2 flights, UL 124 from Chennai and flight UL 172 coming from Bangalore have thus landed at Katunayaka airport, Mattala airport reports.

The Road Development Authority advises motorists plying along Southern Expressway to maintain a maximum speed of 60 kms. There have been power failures in a number of areas because of rough weather and strong winds, creating many an obstacle. As such, power supply in Colombo, Galle, Matara, Hambanthota and Badulla have experienced inconvenience in this respect.

In the meantime hospital sources say that about 15 persons have been admitted to Colombo General Hospital by 11 pm today because of torrential rain and strong winds that have occured around Colombo. It was understood that a number of ambulances have been sent to locations where disasters had taken place. News sources inform that Colombo accident service is carrying out brisk duties to treat those injured. In the course of the prevalent heavy showers the national building research institute of Badulla and Matale has issued alerts to provincial secretariat divisions of Haldumulla, Bandarawela, Laggala and Pallegama. 

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