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 Weekends with husband ... week days with paramour --  Mother of 2 children dies with paramour, during clash!
Weekends with husband ... week days with paramour -- 
Mother of 2 children dies with paramour, during clash!

As the husband used to come home only on weekends, a woman who got addicted to associating various other persons by bringing them home was ultimately murdered as a result of an involvement between two such illicit lovers together with one of those paramours who himself was murdered. This incident was reported from Deraniyagala, Maliboda, Ranwala area.

At a time when this married woman was in the company of
one of her illicit lovers at home, another illicit lover who happened to come there had cut and chopped both of them, killing the two at a time when two of her children were in the house.

The deceased in this case are Ranwala Gamaralalage Kanthi Hemalatha (45) living at Ranwala, Maliboda and Devpahala Cooraylage Rupasingha (55). The deceased woman's husband was employed in a different area and had been coming home only on weekends. On the instance when the murder took place, when the wife and the two children had been inside the house the illicit lover had visited this house and in a short while the other illicit lover too had turned up at the house and an argument had flared up, thus ending up in a clash.

On this occasion the assailant had aimed a knife at both the children too and they are presently undergoing treatment at Avissawella and Colombo National Hospitals. The suspect who was connected to these murders has by now fled the area. The two injured children are 4 years and 7 years old and have by now been admitted to Avissawella Hospital and are under treatment. The murdered paramour's corpse was recovered about 60 metres away from the spot where the woman was killed. Bodies of the two victims are deposited at Avissawella Base Hospital and the post mortem and autopsy are expected to be carried out at Avissawella Base Hospital. 

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