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  I separated from Saranga's father because of his drunkenness and incompatibility -- Thilaka Ranasingha]

I separated from Saranga's father because of his drunkenness and incompatibility -- Thilaka Ranasingha

Popular announcer Thilaka Ranasingha, mother of distinguished actor Saranga Disasekera has for the first time made a revelation regarding the break up of marriage relationships with Saranga's father the Late famed singer Narada Disasekera.

What she had said was that although her marriage was problematic that she had faced its challenges

* If you were asked as to reminisce the moment which brought you the greatest happiness and greatest sorrow ... how are you going to respond to it?
  The day my son (Saranga Disasekera) was born was the day on which I became the happiest. The occasion I became most sad was when my elder sisters had an untimely death.

* How do you share happiness and sorrow?

   I can share both those sentiments. When something brings me happiness I talk about it to somebody and share that happiness. In the same manner ... when there is a moment of sadness, I would talk about it with somebody and thereby share the sadness in my heart.

* Some people say that when you go to tell about your sorrow and problems to other people you create an opening for other problems and that sorrow even worsens. Do you accept that?
   Personally of course that hasn't happened in my case because where I am concerned it's not a problem that I can't tell others. When a problem like that happens I don't go to tell everyone. It's to someone who's close to my family that I tell. It's to someone who goes to tell everyone that sort of situation arises. In the same way when those who have problems they tell others  which can't be told to somebody else, such a situation could arise. In such instances what has to be done is to keep silent and hide them.

* Don't you Thilaka has an ability to bear sorrow and happiness in silence?
   I have a very good ability. In most instances when I felt sorrow I bore up that sorrow all alone.

* Didn't you have such instances of sorrow in your marriage?
   More than saying sorrowful, it would not be incorrect to say problematic situations. The cause for my marriage with my husband (Narada Disasekera) was his drunkenness and our incompatibility. But even after our separation when the occasion demanded we talked to each other. Even bringing up the son alone was not a sorrow for me. My elder brother (Douglas Ranasingha) was a big strength to me.

* According to what you think ... does happiness exist in solitary life or in married life?
   Happiness in single life rests on enjoying freedom devoid of responsibilities. But in married life responsibilities creep in ... children come in. Happiness in married life comes with that complexity. What I think is that responsibilities are necessary for life ... children are necessary. As such, there's more happiness in married life.

* If marriage is a happiness, why didn't you think of a second marriage and thus replace the lost happiness in life?
   There's a saying that the person who faces assault from a firebrand is scared of even light from a firefly. When elder brothers told me to think of a marriage ... that's how I thought. The other thing is, only when the love and security of a husband is necessary, thoughts about a second marriage comes to mind. I had the protection of my elder brothers. At the same time I became busy in my vocational activities. My child became my life. As such I didn't feel the necessity of love as such. Even if I had entered into a second marriage, the issue whether he would be a father to my child truly worried me. Because of those things I thought that a second marriage was not necessary for me.

* Happiness and sorrow of your son's life -- you may have experienced that very same way ...
   It's something common to every mother. The joy of one's children is felt by a mother than her own joy. When a child feels sad ... that also the mother feels strongly.

* There were instances of crisis and moments of sadness in Saranga's life too.
   Yes. My biggest happiness now is to settle all those problems and to see joy dawning on my son's life.

Ariyavansha Kulatilleka (Lakbima)

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