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 Boy friend forces girl to go to room ...Girl who thus jumps from his bike ... in serious condition!]

Boy friend forces girl to go to room ...Girl who thus jumps from his bike ... in serious condition!

In the instance when the lover of a girl suggested an awkward move calling her to accompany him to a room she had refused the request and on that occasion he had forcibly taken her towards that destination during which journey she had in the process jumped from the motor bike which he had been driving ... caring less for her own life. This incident was reported from Aranayaka,
Galbokka area about a young girl who sustained serious injuries in the process.

This girl aged 21 years thus received severe injuries and this lover of hers is an army soldier resident in Wellawaya. In fact she had maintained a long-term romance with him. Last afternoon (26) he had come to Kegalle town to meet her. Initially at that instance what he had suggested to her was to go to a quiet spot and have a chat. What he had hinted at was a park in the town. The girl who consented to this had got on to his motor bike when a moment later she had felt as if by instinct that he was riding the bike towards an unfamiliar route and had questioned him about it when he had responded saying "the park is of no use; let's go to a room ... I know a good place".

The girl of course had disliked it. She had kept on telling her lover not to go there. However, he had then harshly replied saying "it's useless what you say ... it's to that place that I am going!" The girl who then at that moment sensed what he was forcibly trying to do had yelled out; but those around had not focused their attention on the bike. As a final resort in order to stop the bike he had tried to push him; but that was to no avail. She had then finally jumped off the moving bike.

The girl who fell down from the moving bike had sustained serious injuries. Her lover had under these conditions, later with the assistance of those in the vicinity had admitted her to Kegalle General Hospital. On a complaint received by Kegalle Police the suspect and the motor bicycle was taken into police custody. The suspect is expected to be produced before Kegalle Magistrate Court today (27).     

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