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 Taiwan bank cyber swindle -- Indian suspects hiding in Hilton Residencies take wings -- Shalila's NGO also linked!

Taiwan bank cyber swindle -- Indian suspects hiding in Hilton Residencies take wings -- Shalila's NGO also linked!

Janaka Chaminda Nammuni and Shalila Munasingha connected to the incident of swindling millions of American dollars across a cyber attack launched on the computer system of Far Eastern Bank in Taiwan are currently under custody while the Indian nationals having connections to this deal and who had stationed themselves at Hilton Residencies in Colombo have beat a
retreat, it is understood.

Chairman of Litro Gas Company, Shalila Munasingha presently in custody, quite apart from that position is someone who who maintains a non-governmental organisation too and police have received information by now that this organisation has some link to the bank fraud. During the period when Mr. Ravi Karunanayaka during his tenor as the Minister of Finance, Shalila Munasingha has been appointed as the Chairman of Litro Gas Company.This designation was offered to Shalila Munasingha as a token of gratitude for the political support for having provided the logo of the Swan comprising the Party.

Administrators of Litro Gas yesterday released a media announcement and stated that their Company has no link to this fraud and that it is only a personal issue concerning him. The person known as Janaka Chaminda Nammuni the businessman initially has credited 3 crores of cash to his account at Bank of Ceylon situated at Kurunduwatta and he had in order to collect a sum of 2 crores from that money Shalila Munasingha too has made a visit to that bank in the company of that businessman. The two of them had subsequently gone to Hilton Residencies, Colombo for the purpose of meeting the 2 Indian nationals to hand them the money which they had been promised.

Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department have informed that the Indians who were residing in Hilton Residencies were the culprits who had distorted the internet system of the Taiwan bank by introducing the virus and had finally been sharp enough to direct the relevant cash to several bank accounts in a number of countries before the computer system was once again to normalcy. They had by now fled from Hilton Residencies taking their money with them.

To carry out an investigation relating to the incident a team of officers from the International Police are expected to arrive in the island and it is understood that representatives of Taiwan too would be coming here. The case filed against Janaka Chaminda Nammuni and Shalila Munasingha both are to be forwarded to courts today (11).

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