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 Latest gadget which tracks vehicles, introduced by RMV ... supposed to be against the law

Latest gadget which tracks vehicles, introduced by RMV ... supposed to be against the law

A 'chip' which can retrieve information as to where a vehicle is, the direction where it is heading etcetera is to be introduced to every vehicle from next year. This gadget which is is used on the number plate and the sticker is activated by a small battery providing power for a number
of years and is inserted into a special electronic equipment.

This item is akin to something attached to elephants to track directions where wild elephants were roaming used by wild life officers in recent times. The gadget under reference is able not only to locate where a vehicle is but provides information as to how long a period the vehicle is stationed, in which direction it is moving and in which destination it is moving towards and such relevant information. The Police, the Road Development Authority including several other institutions would be able to inquire into such data and further , through this process it would be possible to acquire advantageous data in the case of criminal investigations and in minimising robbery of registered vehicles.

However, it is noted that since it is possible to detect what a person is saying or doing and it is also possible to get to know adventurous activities of someone thus prying into and damaging a person's privacy with ease; some people grumble saying that it would be harmful to public life.

This new methodology would take effect for newly registered vehicles and later for already registered vehicles as well. Former President of Human Rights Commission, Dr. Prathiba Mahanama has expressed the following ideas to newspapers in this connection: "This is totally against the Universal Human Rights Declaration. At the same time it is entirely against the 1966 civil rights and political enactment. We have signed both these enactments. Under the Civil Rights Law of Sri Lanka one could go to courts against this. If a certain person is a criminal or a suspect, a court order could be obtained and his movements could be checked in this connection. If not, something like this cannot be done.

In the case filed by former President Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike against Singha Ratnathunga, the court explicitly stated about privacy. Those who bring in new laws are not aware of neither the constitution of the country nor the law. This very clearly is a violation of the fundamental rights of the people of this country. 

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