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 An emotional moment during book fair

An emotional moment during book fair

A sensitive moment in connection with a small child took place where the child wished to buy a book during the annual book fair held at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. This incident drew attention to the public in the social media.

'A certain malli was seen keeping 3 books in his hand and it seems was looking for somebody.
Someone who appeared to be like a mother then was seen approaching this small fellow, creeping through the crowd.
Small boy: Amme, shall I take these books?
Mother: Ane puthe ... do you really need (perusing the books)? So expensive no. I didn't bring so much money puthe ... if there's some book that you really want ... we'll buy.' So saying, she kept the 3 books back in the hand of the small fellow.

Since I happened to be on the other side I was able to stealthily glance at what those books were. The Sengkottan book, the Unknown Lincoln and Arthur C. Clarke's 2002 fiction were those books. The small fellow without saying anything kept those books on the rack with some sad look on his face. Actually I felt some sadness myself knowing that though we buy books by going there two or three days, there are so many who love books but aren't able to buy those.

While going through books I fell into a conversation with this small fellow. I really felt that he was a malli who liked books. I took those 3 books and after paying and getting the bill, gave them to the small fellow. Malli felt a sense of happiness. Truly, to my conscience I too had some happiness seeing his elation.

Friends ... when buying books if at all there's a chance of doing something like this ... don't think twice about it'. 

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