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 Treasury scandal secrets revealed -- Rosy's son Kanishka also linked!

Treasury scandal secrets revealed -- Rosy's son Kanishka also linked!

A host of secrets were uncovered from telephone conversations that had taken place between Arjun Aloysius and Chief Promotion Officer of Perpetual Treasuries according to testimonies received from the bond commission which is being examined under heavy security and in the process it is of significant interest to note that secret copies of CORP reports have been handed over to Aloysius by former Member of Parliament Rosy Senanayaka's son Kanishka Senanayaka retrieved by him thus
linking his name too in this connection.

The investigation officers were successful enough to uncover information across telephone conversations that had taken place about secret, sensitive information connected to prices in relation to bond transactions that had been secured by Arjun Aloysius, son-in-law of Arjun Mahendra and CEO of Perpetual Treasuries. It has been revealed across those dialogues that internal secret information of the Central Bank which is withheld from everybody had been in possession of Arjun Aloysius.

What has been revealed from one telephone conversation is that Mr. Aloysius was aware of the amount and the percentage for which the bidding is to be carried out at the auction by Employees Provident Fund and National Savings Bank. It has also been revealed from the telephone conversation between Mr. Aloysius and Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Kasun Palisena on March 29th, 2016 of instructions to forward a bid at a lesser ratio at a meeting held with state banks. Though the ratio was at a higher value in the market, Mr. Aloysius was aware in advance that there would be no such high ratio on the day of the auction. As such, it has been exposed from these telephone dialpgues that Mr. Palisena has been instructed to bid at a higher ratio at the auction and that Pan Asia Bank too has been made use of when bidding on behalf of Perpetual Treasuries. During this telephone conversation what Mr. Arjun Aloysius has stated was that greater profits could be secured if Perpetual Treasuries would make a higher bid at the auction according to his friends who are in a higher position.

It was further revealed at the commission that copies of evidence produced at the first CORP Committee to inquire about the bond issue had been handed over to Perpetual Treasuries by Mr. Kanishka Senanayaka, son of former Minister Mrs. Rosy Senanayaka. It was revealed at the commission that Kanishka had been mentioned in telephone conversations.

The premises where the Presidential Commission has been instituted has been further fortified with stronger security. According to a request made by the commission, steps have been taken to instal the Police Special Task Force and armed police officers. 

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