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 Our wedding is only a photoshoot -- still Athula is 'there' ... I am 'here' -- Amaya Adhikari

Our wedding is only a photoshoot -- still Athula is 'there' ... I am 'here' -- Amaya Adhikari

The incident of singer Athula Adhikari, Samitha and 2 children being abandoned and Athula living in the company of Amaya is an old story. After they begot a child Athula has left them saying that there are some problems connected with their marriage and Amaya herself starting to create news too about an year ago. Some photos of Amaya getting together with Athula were released across websites recently by Amaya who has
become popular as a tele-actress.

As such, what fans thought was that the two of them had once again got together. But what Amaya revealed to a weekend newspaper is that it is only a photo shoot wedding. Amaya who says that Athula is 'there' and that she is 'here' explained the circumstances this way:

*Is it true that Amaya-Athula wedded again?
 To marry again ... we haven't divorced. This is a photo shoot.

* Why did you'll think of having a marriage ceremony all of a sudden?
   The person who dressed both me and Athula had a desire to have a shoot. But though we wedded ... we didn't have a wedding ceremony. So we two also had a liking to get this done.

* Did Athula like it?
   Yes ... because before this Athula hadn't dressed up as nilame. He had a liking to dress as nilame. So he too liked this shoot.

* Sometime back both of you were separated over a misunderstanding. Now are those misunderstandings over?
   We two will decide about that. It's we two who'll decide whether we keep to our misunderstandings or marry. It's the people who think big about it as a matter of gossip. Any family has problems. I am happy not to speak about it.

* Is Athula still in another house?
   He's at his job ... I am at my job. It's my mother who looks after my daughter. Though I came to Colombo there's no place to keep my daughter because it's my mother only whom I believe in. I may not come to Colombo any day. Can't say whether the decision would change after daughter gets big. Athula aiya must be in Colombo for his work. Even those days he was like that. Every time I used to assist him in his work ... we meet. The belief that we must spend the family life by getting together ... we both don't consider.

* Amaya ... are you repenting over your past?
   No. I am never a person who repents over the past.

* When looking back at your life ... what do you think?
   Actually it's a sort of happiness that I have.

* Is the attachment with Samitha's family members still there?
   No problem with me. I don't know whether their attachment is still there. We didn't associate with each for a long time. I keep away from infectious germs ... because it can lead to diseases!

* Is daughter bent towards the Arts?
   She's clever at singing, recitals and dancing too. I gave her the chance to do what she wants.

* What are your future hopes?
   I am not a person who entertains big hopes like that.

Thilak Karunaratna
(photos -- Kingsley Perera

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