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 It was a marketplace worker who maintained an illicit affair with trans-sexual who was clubbed and killed by him in Dambulla

It was a marketplace worker who maintained an illicit affair with trans-sexual who was clubbed and killed by him in Dambulla

The incident where a trans-sexual youth was clubbed in the midst of Dambulla town last 5th and was killed was subjected to a queer dialogue within most media circles.

Though the reason to murder this person was initially not clearly reported, non-governmental organisations appearing on behalf of trans-sexuals had even criticised that newspaper report. On inquiries conducted by the police a
certain worker employed at a marketplace at Dambulla Economic Centre was taken into custody, Dambulla Police had reported.

On investigations carried out across a wrist watch and a mobile phone found at the site of the incident, the said worker was the only person who was in possession of such a wrist watch and he was subjected to suspicion. Further investigations about it led to the worker being cornered. The deceased was one M.G. Sanath Kumara (34) living in Walgamwewa, Dambulla. At the time he had died after being assaulted at the parking lot he was dressed in feminine clothes, it was revealed at investigations.

The worker apprehended on suspicion was 37 years of age and it has been revealed from inquiries that there had been a liason between him and the deceased of a sexual manner for a period of time. A dispute involving money had gone beyond bounds and it had gone to the extent of anger which later culminated in the trans-sexual being clubbed to death. The marketplace worker has admitted on interrogation that a sum of Rs. 35,000 in his possession some days back being stolen which was the root cause of this assault. The suspect also admitted that this assault took place when he met the deceased at night time in Dambulla town last 5th.

The suspect was a resident of Silviapura, Welimada and had been temporarily living with a female in Akurana area and had served at a marketplace in Dambulla Economic Centre as a labourer during which time he had carried on this illicit connection with the deceaed. After committing this murder the suspect has acquired the young man's mobile phone and with it he had contacted a sister of his and had mentioned a story of reprimanding, he had unravelled to police. Later with that same mobile phone he had taken a call to his lover and towards dawn had gone to Akurana and later returned to Dambulla to engage in work, at which moment he was arrested by police. The suspect is expected to be produced before court.

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