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Great pinkama done by Pradeep Kumara after death by dedicating eyes, kidneys and heart!

Great pinkama done by Pradeep Kumara after death by dedicating eyes, kidneys and heart!

Parents in poverty ...reject 6 lakhs!

How the first heart transplant was effected in Sri Lanka was published across the media recently and information about the donor the 21 year old youth Pradeep Kumara was published in skeleton-form. The mother, father and their relatives had granted permission to make this donation having come to understand that since the donor's brain was not functioning anymore Pradeep's life would not go on. The parents who were living in Mawilkumbura Kandy even consented to donate not only the
deceased young man's heart but both his kidneys and eyes as well. This family who were living amidst various financial hardships in a government land in a wattle and daub house had agreed to this donation as the biggest tribute for their only son who had this untimely departure.

The speciality of this tribute was that even though they were able to obtain a sum of about 6 lakhs through the hospital they had not claimed even a cent considering this donation as a deed of merit on behalf of their child.

Deceased Pradeep's father happens to be a labourer and the mother is not employed as such. Pradeep has 2 sisters. The elder sister is married and lives separately while the other sister has finished her schooling and is at home. The only son Pradeep in this poverty-stricken family studied only upto his O/Ls. After studying at Sri Revatha Vidyalaya and completing his studies there, was anticipating some employment.

In the meantime he had received an invitation to come for training at a garage and for purposes of training he had made it a custom of travelling to Pilimatalawa during the past period. It was his sister's husband who went with him for training there in his company. While they were on their way this manner on the motor cycle, a state-owned van going for a Dengue prevention task had collided with the motor cycle. Both of them were injured in this accident; but Pradeep's condition was serious.

Pradeep who was initially admitted to Bambaradeniya Hospital was later transferred to Kandy General Hospital. Though Pradeep was treated in so many ways with the aid of 7 types of equipment it was not possible to prevent his brain from living anymore. Doctors of Kandy General Hospital tried their utmost to save Pradeep's life for several days; but to no avail. Hospital authorities asked Pradeep's parents whether parts of Pradeep's body could be directed for someone else's use as his brain was beyond repair at which point they had given a positive response and thus his heart, eyes and kidneys were donated.

Pradeep's mother had this to say in that connection: "I am so sad ... on the other hand I am so happy. Today another person lives from his heart. Some others live from the kidneys. After the eyes are donated ... 4 others will see the light of day. We are so happy about it".

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