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 Displayed dance in Highway in order to market self

Displayed dance in Highway in order to market self

Menaka Madhuwanthi who was fined by courts for having driven a vehicle along the expressway recently while engaged in a dance has told a weekend newspaper that she did so to market herself and that it was nevertheless a good thing.

* Did you spotlight a dancing video in the internet because you have a lakh of demand in dancing activities?
  That video was not put there because there's any lack of demand for dancing activities ... but to display my capabilities. That's a trend now. I did something like that to show my talent. But I got responses in a way I never thought. That happened voluntarily with no response from me.

* Some say that videos are spotlighted to create a market?
   Definitely ... because we're not ordinary people ... we are those who are among the people. There's nothing wrong with that. The other thing is if we want to develop our market, I think it's a good thing.

* Do you Menaka also do things like this to create a market?
   Definitely ... there must be plans like that no!

Note: Dinesh Withana (Meewitha)

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