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Children who didn't care for me for 13 years ... today sling mud at me! -- Comment by Victor with Hashini

Children who didn't care for me for 13 years ... today sling mud at me! -- Comment by Victor with Hashini

The unconventional Victor - Hashini married couple who created sensational news by becoming the 'Gossip star' last month have by now revealed most of both told and untold information to a weekend newspaper.

What Victor Ratnayaka by holding hands with Hashini, his new wife, says is that his children did not care for him for 13 years. Victor says that those who did not give any thought about his loneliness have nothing to exist without his name and are now slinging mud at him and that he would in future not get involved in any musical activity with his children and has even made a hot-tempered comment saying that he would never ever have dealings with them. Hashini has at this point rejected the accusation that she got married to Victor because of funds in the bank account and has gone further to say that love has no gap as such. The full text of the report, from below:

* Are you getting ready to celebrate the New Year on a grand scale by adorning the homefront?
   Hashini -- There's nothing special for New Year. My husband likes to always live in an orderly manner. For a long time the house has not been renovated ... that's why these things are being done.

* It's the first New Year that's dawning for you'll as the new couple ... isn't it?
   Hashini -- That of course is true. But the signature for our marriage is only a small matter when taking into consideration our romance. So ... we're thinking of celebrating this New Year in a normal way. 

* Though married recently ... your association is somewhat old isn't it?
   Hashini -- Yes. It was in the year 2006 that we first met. The friendship that began after meeting at a concert went as far as marriage.

* When did the marriage take place?
   Hashini -- It was last February that we got married.

* Did Hashini's parents approve the marriage?
   At the start they didn't like it. Now about 2 weeks back we got their blessings.

* Nobody thought that Victor Ratnayaka would marry again. So because of that, this marriage became the marriage which was spoken about most in this country in recent times. 
   Victor -- During the last 13 years ... after my wife died, nobody questioned me as to how I ate and drank or about my other necessities. I was living a lonely life. Nobody cared to look into my requirements. But today they are slinging mud at me. I don't see anything wrong in trying to build up my life with someone who loves me and someone whom I love.

* There's a gap of about 40 years between the two of you. That's the reason why this marriage looked strange to most people.
   Hashini -- This age gap factor doesn't apply at all to our marriage. Only when someone tells about it that comes to my mind.
   Victor -- People never try to come out of some of the old-fashioned cultural norms of our society to go beyond it. Age gap is no obstacle for love. Love means a binding, resting on mutual understanding, kindness, affection and loving-kindness of the two people, all combined. So I don't see anything wrong in this marriage. 

* It's a common thing for people of a young age to get married against protests of parents. But as a matured person of age ... why did you take a step like this?
   Victor -- There were instances when protests cropped up from my first wife's side. At a later time those were settled and we spent our life. Parents of course look into the factor of compatibility in marriage. But if the thoughts and attitudes of the two comply ... they unite against such opposition and so one need worry about anybody favouring or opposing. 

* Hashini ... there is a rumour that Victor went for this marriage because of the greediness you had for the funds in Mr. Victor Ratnayaka's bank account and for his assets. What's the response you have to give in this connection?
   I am someone who comes from a well-to-do family. The other thing is, will a woman mortgage her life for the sake of money? The best person to inquire about it, is Victor.
   Victor -- She has no idea about the money in my account. She only got close to me as a strong fan of mine and it's not with a desire for my money or assets that she married me. Those are things created by only those who wanted to oppose me. 

* As a person of an age like 75 years ... how do you enjoy love?
   No limitations can be imposed on love. Not like the immatured butterfly love experienced during youth ... when one steps ahead in maturity one reaches a stage where one could think of love in a deep manner. If someone sees love after reaching old age ... it must be looked into as for what reason it is. If one becomes a slave to love without seeing to one's duties as such ... it cannot be approved.

* Is this person called Victor Ratnayaka someone who has done his duties to his children?
   Victor -- There may not be any other father in the field of music who has carried out his duties to his children more than I have. My friends who know me very closely tell me, 'you did too much for your children'.

* Why do they say so?
   Not only my knowledge of music and popularity that I bestowed on them. A business establishment at a super-market in Nugegoda ... I gave my elder son Jayantha. The money I secured by selling the land where the house in which my father and mother lived too I gave him. I gave 2 houses to my two daughters. The ownership of the ancestral home ... I wrote in my youngest son Lelum's name. Apart from that I helped them with money in whatever issue or necessity they had.  

* Your children also may have done their duties in return ... haven't they?
   I cannot say that at all ... that I got anything special from the children as such. In that case they should have cared for me thinking that their father was left in a solitary condition after the mother's death ... couldn't they? None of them came forward to care in that manner.

* It was when your youngest son Lelum made a comment in the Facebook Account to the effect that 'my father died' that the whole country came to know about your second marriage. Even though you were not frequenting the social media you would have got this news, didn't you?
   Victor -- Yes ... I too came to know of that story. I can't think that a son who was so daring ... was actually a son of mine. From that alone it could be understood as to what level he has now come down to.

* By now ... what sort of affinity do you have with the children?
   Victor -- I have no connection with them now.

* You have 2 sons who are following your steps in the field of music ... don't you?
   Victor -- Yes. Though they are known as Victor Ratnayaka's sons, the whole country knows that they don't have an identity of their own.

* But to work with your sons in the music field in future together ... this friction is no obstacle isn't it?
   Victor -- I have no hopes of joining them hereafter in any activity in my music life, because it was not by doing so that I became popular. This is a journey I undertook on my own.

* There is an accusation that Hashini made Victor Ratnayaka get closer to her by using a philter.
   Those are stories without any base.

* What sort of attitude do you entertain about various accusations against social websites and society because of this marriage?
   Hashini -- We got to know about those. But if my conscience feels that what I do is correct ... I don't take notice of whatever allegations anybody makes.
   Victor -- How many accusations were made at Lord Buddha also! None of those were proved no. If someone weaves rumours about people like us and tries to destroy the dignity ... it's that very person who has to suffer its consequences. 

* Hashini .. What sort of life do you wish to spend in future with your husband?
   Hashini -- What I want is to help Victor's life of music and to keep him happy. Since I have a knowledge about occidental music, it'll be easy for me to assist him.

* What about thoughts of dismissing old matters of ill-will and uniting with the children in the New Year?
   Those are traditions which we ourselves cultivated no. If the binding in hearts cannot be maintained, there's no use in that kinship. In such a case the best thing to do is to drop it. Without affability, love, kindness and maithriya why should they come to see me or I go to them?

Note: Kishan Kananke (courtesy -- Lakbima)
Photos: Manjula Perera  

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