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Two Aluthgama schoolboys who engaged in homosexual activities ...

Two Aluthgama schoolboys who engaged in homosexual activities ... infected with AIDS!

The courts were asked to solve a case where an incident of AIDS affecting 2 schoolboys from Aluthgama area aged 14 and 16 years was reported. 

It is learned that these 2 boys had become addicted to homosexual activity with a beautician and that the two of them had been led astray as a consequence of not receiving proper attention of the parents. They had been hospitalized after contracting AIDS and information about associating a beautician in
this connection was revealed at police investigations carried out at the hospital. It was 2 individuals from Aluthgama area itself who had directed the 2 schoolboys to the beautician concerned. The individuals who are supposed to have supplied the 2 schoolboys have been taken into police custody as well as the beautician with whom the boys had kept up relationships and were produced before Kalutara Chief Magistrate Mrs. Bharathi Wijeyratna and have been remanded till the 20th of this month.

It is understood that this beautician who caters attending to brides has feminine physical features and is an expert in the trade too. Prison officers have taken measures to detain him in a separate cell. The 2 students aged 14 and 16 who have been infected with HIV and the mother and father of one child are overseas and it is a grandmother who is in custody of him, police sources reveal. It was mentioned in courts that the children have succumbed to this unfortunate circumstances because parents do not exercise proper attention over them.   

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