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 Mother of son of Minister's Secretary and also of millionaire garment businessman left stranded on the road on Poya Day

Mother of son of Minister's Secretary and also of millionaire garment businessman left stranded on the road on Poya Day

A tragic incident was reported last Sunday Full Moon Poya Day where the eldest son supposed to be the Secretary of a Deputy Minister has left his mother stranded by the roadside. She had subsequently come to Kottawa Police Station in a three-wheeler and poured out the story to the police. She had also brought along with
her some bags with clothing in them.

On the day of the incident she had been accompanied by her eldest son to her second son's house; but her daughter-in-law who was not on good terms with her has refused to welcome her arrival and had closed the gate on her and in the process, the eldest son instead of taking her to some other place had dropped her near the gate and had told her to go inside at a time the gate is opened. Saying so he had left her there. She further says that neither her second son nor the daughter-in-law had taken any interest in her about taking her inside the house and she was thus left helpless on the road and decidedto come to the police.

This lady who was the mother of 3 children revealed her story in this manner: "I have 3 sons. The youngest son in the Army died while in service. The eldest son is the Secretary to a Minister and the second son is a millionaire garment businessman. Even from those days I was living in a house bought by me for a sum of Rs. 43000 and now it's of a value of about 2 crores. It was in 1981 that my husband died. Later my second son stayed there with the daughter-in-law. But recently my second son had broken up my almirah and having taken the deed out, went on to get it written in his name by force and later chased me away. After that I was at my eldest son's place for a short period. His family life was in confusion and he's with another. He had said that he's not in a position to look after me. After that the second son came and put me into an elders' home in Pitipana area saying that I have a mental upset. Later the eldest son came and said that the expenses there is high and subsequently left me in a rented house. Finally I was brought to the second son's house on the understanding that the expenses there too was high.

My daughter-in-law doesn't like me and keeps humiliating me saying 'Regina mamai ape raajje' and doesn't care for me. When my youngest son died I got Rs. 20 lakhs a month. All of them used to beat me and punish me and the daughter-in-law and sons took it away from me. Very recently my hand was twisted and money was taken from me after beating me up saying I didn't give money. 2 lakhs has been taken from me saying that Rs. 40000 has to be paid for the vehicle. My identity card and compensation documents of my deceased son was burned. It was when I was staying in a rented out room in Makola that the eldest son approached me on the evening of the 12th and put me into a vehicle saying that I am to be taken to another place and thus took me near my second son's home in Moraketiya. As soon as the daughter-in-law came to know that I came, the gate was locked and the lights were switched off. After that my eldest son said that 'they are eating and drinking with your money ... at sometime or other they'll take you inside the house'. So saying he dropped me on the roadside. But they never took me inside. Even people around came and asked so many things. I could not do anything ... so I came to the police in a three-wheeler. I am so embarassed. Why do children treat their mother like this? Today is Poya Day ... this is how I was treated".

After she was not allowed to enter the house which belonged to her and was stranded on the road like this, she had gone to the police and related the whole story of what happened to her. After Kottawa Police summoned her 2 sons for the purpose of solving the matter, they had come to the police station yesterday (13) and had accepted guilt to the offence. Later they had said that they would undertake responsibility for her to be sent to a home for the aged and had thus escorted her away.

Description -- Airangi Edirisingha

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