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 Inquiry into lady-doctor of Dambulla Hospital who influenced birth control

Inquiry into lady-doctor of Dambulla Hospital who influenced birth control

Central Province Minister of Health Bandula Yalegama has informed the media that an inquiry has been launched in connection with the lady-doctor who issued rules and regulations beyond authority in respect of birth control at Dambulla Hospital, which led to an uproar in this regard.

This lady-doctor who is supposed to have influenced mothers to proceed with birth control methods after childbirth is someone who has
secured a transfer to Dambulla Hospital from Ratnapura Hospital about a fortnight back and inquiries are underway to find out whether this form of influence was exerted by her on mothers during her tenure at Ratnapura Hospital, he had said further.

After allegations were targeted at her that mothers who gave childbirth at Dambulla Hospital have been prevented from leaving the hospital after being discharged and instead were forced to go through birth control processes, an inquiry was begun under the direction of Director of Health Services of Central Province Mrs. Shanthi Samarasingha together with the co-operation of the Central Government.

It is understood that a birth control operation should be carried out with the agreement of both the husband and the wife concerned and that no doctor has the right to make any influence in that regard. A permanent birth control method as well as a temporary birth control method is available and more influence has been made on the temporary birth control methods at the hospital without a knowledge of all parties. Though doctors prescribe a period of suspension after one childbirth before the next childbirth as a suitable option making compulsory influence with regard to birth control without creating an awareness for the mothers has turned out to be a problematic situation.

The Minister of Health concerned in this case emphasised that the Central Government has the authority to mete out punishment to the lady-doctor if found guilty in this matter. The Director of Dambulla main hospital, Dr. Charles Nugawela remarked that a special examination has been initiated about the allegations made.

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