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 Further treatment being given at Welisara ... 'Poddi' now cured -- Dr. Randil thanks everyone

Further treatment being given at Welisara ... 'Poddi' now cured -- Dr. Randil thanks everyone

Our website as well as several other places in the internet broadcast the incident where a calf which struck a vehicle of a doctor was wounded. Also that the doctor concerned promptly attended to the animal. The rest of the story of the surgeon of Maharagama Cancer Hospital Dr. Randil de Alwis who faced this incident has notified Gossip Lanka by thanking us by offering us
a bouquet in that regard.

What he had said was that 'Poddi' the calf is currently undergoing further treatment at Welisara Veterinary Institute and that its condition has now turned for the better. This is how he thanked those who reported this incident as well as everyone who cared to offer comments with words of praise:

"I must mention that I was not only surprised but was happy in a humble way to note that the news circulated about me in this connection across social media and various mass media and at that moment what I did was the best I could do and it was not for any other reason but because this animal too was a helpless being which had feelings and a consciousness just like us. What brought me happiness was the appreciation of all of you spotlighting my act at which point I realised that there are a lot of people still on this sacred land who understood the value of a life. 'Poddi'  is currently in good condition and is undergoing further treatment at the Welisara Government Veterinary Institute. This undoubtedly would be a blessing to the social media and other media comrades who cared to highlight in society something beneficial and work towards social progress. Finally let this be a tribute the Sri Lankan community of doctors and also to all of you who understood and sense the value of humans or animals pleading for life by striving to offer a huge service that goes beyond earnings and last but not least for your invaluable appreciation ... !!!"

Randil de Alwis

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