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Asad Sali invades house - Chief Justice Mohan

Asad Sali invades houseChief Justice Mohan goes to police

Shirani taking oaths this evening will resign in one day

Subsequently Chief Justice K. Shri Pawan to take over

A protest was staged this morning in front of Colombo Supreme Courts Complex demanding that Chief Justice Mr. Mohan Peiris resign from his post. Lawyers and representatives of trade unions
carrying various protesting banners joined in that protest. What they say is that since the appointment had been given on the requirement of the former President, Chief justice Mohan Peiris remains in that position in an unjustified manner.

In the meantime, it was learned that a group of people had crashed into the official residence of Chief Justice Mr. Mohan Peiris and and had behaved in a threatening manner. It was said that member of Parliament of the central Provincial Council, Asad Saly  too had been among this unruly crowd. Chief Justice Mr. Mohan Peiris has lodged a complaint with Kurunduwatta Police saying that there had been an influence aimed at him demanding that he resign from his position. The Kurunduwatta Police has begun investigations in this connection and it is understood that accordingly matters were reported in this connection to the Chief Magistrate, Colombo.

It is learned from political sources that President Maithreepala Sirisena is expected to communicate in writing to him to the effect that he should vacate that position as his appointment is not lawful. It is also understood that as such, that former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayaka is expected to take her oaths for her lost position this evening and after confirming her legal rights would relinquish her position voluntarily after one day.

Subsequently it is learned that tomorrow or day after Chief Justice K. Shri Bawan who is one of the most senior Judges of Supreme Courts would be taking his oaths and would be continuing in that position right along. It was in the presence of K. Shri Pawan a most senior Judge that president Maithreepala took his oaths last 9th at Independence Square as President.

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