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Sheshadri to wed in 3 more days' time ....
Dinakshi sad for losing her room-mate friend

Up-and-coming cinema actress Sheshadri Priyasad is to wed on Thursday 26th. As GossipLanka had revealed before this, she is to marry an associate of the family by the name of Sampath de Silva. The fathers of the couple are, film creator Mr. Dinesh Priyasad and President's Media Director, Mr. Ranjan de Silva.

Apart from those close to the family, no other outsider has been invited for the wedding which is to be held in a charm manner on December 26th at Gangarama Vihara.

Ten days after, on January 5th the homecoming is scheduled to be held at Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo andit is reported that several artistes and dignitaries are to be attendance.

It is also reported that as the wedding ceremony is to be held in a simple manner with only the bride and bridegroom,no bridesmaids or bestmen will be present,but tradition and customs would be given prominence. Sheshadri Priyasad is of the Roman Catholic faith while Sampath is a Buddhist and it is a special feature that the celebration will be conducted at a temple. 

It is Sheshadri's sister, popular actress Dinakshi who used to sleep in the same room with her who has been mostly affected because of the marriage. Though she was involved in a romance before this, the connection has broken off. It is during this process that the younger sister has towed before the elder sister. This is how Dinakshi spoke about it:
                                         "Actually .. I am really sad about it. All three of us were together from our small days. Specially I and Sheshadri were together. Both of us used to sleep in the same room too. So I am terribly sad that she is leaving me.And I am not used to being alone either. But then she's going to start a new life after all. I think about that and console myself.

She has reached her best age for marriage. She has further met the most suitable partner for her. I don't     think that she should wait till I get married. No one in our family think in such traditional bygone ideas. On the other hand, I also have not met a person to marry, after all".

A collection of photos of Sheshadri and Sampath, from BELOW

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