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My husband is genuine
- Sudu Nangi

    Tele actress Ayomi Shanika who is more popularly known to most as Sudu Nangi registered her marriage recently. Sudu Nangi who is following her studies with the intention of becoming an Ayurvedic physician ran into her fiance almost by chance.

    "To marry ... the ideas of both parties should be almost alike. I also found someone like that. His name is Chintaka Dolapihilla. I and Chintaka ... both of us think on the same lines. He was sometime connected with the media. Now what he does is Event Management. Both of us met each other at a programme related to Ayurveda at the Pallekelle Ayurveda Hospital. It was Chintaka who had undertaken to shoot the programme. It was there that he first of all met me. Both of us asked for each of our phone numbers.

     That evening itself he called me on the phone. We spoke only about that Ayurveda programme. We associated with each other for sometime. Oh gosh .... one fine day when he was speaking to me I noticed something extraordinary. That day he finished the call saying that he loved me.

     I got scared ... like getting twisted and being landed on the floor! I didn't give him an answer straightaway. I searched for details about him for about 3 months. He is very genuine .... he asked me straightaway. From that alone I first of all developed an admiration for him. In the same way I was introduced to members of his family. Actually I understood him very well .... then I too expressed my consent to him. This was the person who really suited me ... I am sure about that 1000%.

     As a girl I faced a lot of mental problems .... but I now feel that the spring season in my life has dawned. This season will remain right throughout my life. Chintaka aiyya is well informed about me and those incidents as well. The courage he gives me is endless.

    Very soon I will have my wedding. I am thinking of getting a home from Kandy and living there. Aiyya's hometown is Kandy ... that's why I like to stay there. I won't stop my acting. While I hope to carry out my responsibilities without fail after my marriage, I will be continuing with two occupations with proper management.

    It is our responsibility to serve in any part of Sri Lanka once I get appointed as a doctor. Wherever I go I will take Chintaka and go.

    I and Chintaka are hoping to start an ayurvedic hospital even on a small scale. We'll wait and see ... we are thinking about it these days.

Narration -- Prasad Samaratunga

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