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News that Prime Minister is resigning .... to give Chief Minister post to son

     Inside political sources say that Minister D.M. Jayaratne is preparing to resign from his position in order to make his son Anuradha who received the highest number of preferential votes at the Central province PC elections, the Chief Minister.

    Mr.D.M. Jayaratne will be taking this decision by resigning from his position and offer this opportunity to his son by bowing down to the decision taken by the President in the past even on the grounds that the position of Chief Minister would not be bestowed on the closest kith and kin of anybody representing the Cabinet taking the highest number of votes in a PC.

   It was also understood that relatives of the Prime Minister had requested him to resign from politics and offer this opportunity to his son who is still a young man, also by considering his age. As a similar incident, it could be mentioned that Minister S.M. Chandrasena had to give up his portfolio as Minister even on a nominal level in order to make his brother who claimed the highest number of preferential  at the North Central PC elections in the past.

  It was Mr.D.M. Jayaratne's son Anuraddha Jayaratne who came first in the list of candidates from the North Central who topped the preferential votes list at this election. Whatever it is, the bestowal of the Chief Minister's post for North Central is something carried out by a decision of the Central Administration Committee.

 Anuruddha Jayaratne had mentioned yesterday that he respects the decision of the Central Administration Committee and that the decision of to whom the Chief Minister's position should be given to is a decision of the Party.

 If the Chief Minister's position is offered to Anuruddha Jayaratne, it is reported that the Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayake who was the former Chief Minister of Central Province had become second in the present election would not be a suitable action to keep Anuruddha under him and that he is to be called to parliament. In the process, with Minister D.M. Jayaratne's resignation from political life there is uncertainty and curiosity as to who would be elected to the Minister's seat.

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