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Toilet queue of Upasikavas that lengthens in Anuradhapura on Poya days

     An upasika  maathawa who had got into difficulties on Poson Poya day in Anuradhapura aired her grievance to Gossip Lanka. If authorities would take action to arrest this problem, it would be a merit. The note she had sent is as follows:
There is a main problem that upasika - upasikavas and devotees who take sil on Poya days in Anuradhapura at Ruvanveliseya and near Sri Maha Bodhi face, which the authorities do not see.
All those who take sil on Poya day happen to take lodging in the sacred compound the day prior to Poya day. If one is to take sil the following day, he or she has to get into the toilet queue from at least 1 o'clock in the morning. I too took sil on this Poson Poya day.
 I who joined the toilet queue at 1 in the morning was able to get to the toilet only after 2 a.m. which means at about 3 a.m. No one likes to give room to the sick and the aged. In the same way, when coming out of the place, there are only 3 tap lines available to people to wash their faces. Those who reached the toilet after partaking of the dana subsequent to taking sil, find that the bana sermon is almost over by the moment they come back. On this occasion one aged female had involuntarily passed urine while in the queue and her eyes were full of tears. Though I requested some police officers to look into this condition, what they said was that though such shortcomings were notified it has been to no avail. Although I see the glory and majesty of Anuradhapura over Rupavahini channels, the situation where thousands of those who take sil on Poya day have to undergo difficulties such as this brings tears into my eyes. I see it as a punishment given to them".  

-- Pathirana Menike Upasika Mathawa --

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