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  South Indian actors-actresses begin hunger strike against Sri Lanka

Expressing support to Tamils in Sri Lanka, South Indian actors including artistes of the cinema industry launched a hunger strike a short while ago at 9 in the morning, in Chennai.

   This hunger strike which is supposed to go on till 5 in the evening at the South Indian Actors-Actresses Association Hall in South India located at Abdullah Mawatha, Walluwarthotam Thiagaranagar, Chennai popular actors of South India such as Kamal Hussan, Vije, Sarathkumar and Rajinikanth including film directors, technicians of the cinema industry and employees of the industry have participated in the strike.

   The announcement accompanying signatures of the President of South Indian Actors-Actresses Association and Radha Ravi, Gen.Secretary say that South Indian Actors-Actresses Association and the Tamil Artistes Worldwide are holding this hunger strike in order to give support to the Tamils of Sri Lanka. A prominent stand in this respect have been taken by Sarathkumar, President of South Indian Actors-Actresses Association followed by Gen.Secretary Radha Ravi and Treasurer Vagai Chandrasekeran.

   The Association makes an invitation to everybody held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. a success in view of requesting for a safe and free existence for the relatives of Tamils who suffered during the ethnic war of Sri Lanka.

   It is reported that the South Indian Film Producers Association, Kildu Film Diectors Association, Cinema Employees--labourers and Distributors Association, the Film Owners Association, Rupavahini producers, artistes and and those of Actors-Actresses Associations are in attendance. As a result, it is said that all shooting of films have been cancelled.

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