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Duminda is a god!
This is a miracle!
Our luck
Truth wins
 - People supposed to be saying

     There was a large gathering assembled near Nawaloka Hospital at the moment Duminda Silva M.P. was leaving the hospital yesterday. Hiru TV who approached them, asked their views on Duminda's recovery. It was particularly observed that almost all of them identified Duminda being praised as a god and said that he had been cured as a result of a  miracle.

     Following are the views expressed according to news broadcast by the Hiru Channel:
''Without this parliamentary member we were so helpless this one and a half years. This is a very happy day for us. This Member who came to Kolonnawa is a god. No harm can come on him. We know that definitely.''


''It was because of the service that he gave innocent people that he escaped. We were looking forward to his coming to Kolonnawa''.


''He got blessings from god. Having seen our plight, Duminda Silva was given to us. This is our luck''.


''Actually it is god who saved his life.... with such an injury to his head.... because there is no human being on earth who receives a gunshot like that to the head and had lived. It was because he was a true leader among the masses that once again god gave us R.Duminda Silva's life.''


''This is a miracle ...... this is a gift god gave us. The public of Kolonnawa were waiting for his arrival''.


''This happened today because of the merit of the innocent people of Kolonnawa. This is what is called truth wins. He inevitably received the blessings of God Almighty. In future too the blessings will come. People of Colombo loves Duminda Silva M.P. forever.''

''A personality essential to the District of Colombo. The people of Colombo were awaiting Deshamanya Hon.Duminda Silva's return.  We are truly happy from the bottom of our heart. In the same way, all of us have discussed to be behind R.Duminda Silva as a team in future yoo. We wish victory after victory for our loving leader today, tomorrow and future''. 

''Really, we don't have words to speak. Happy. Sir was given to us today in a maraculous way having been in a serious condition. I believe that today Kolonnawa received a new life. We are really happy''.

Video of the news, below

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