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An Army Captain who had come disguised as Muslim lady nabbed before the planned operation owing to his male voice

It is reported that a peculiar Muslim woman had come to rob the National Savings Bank, Kandy .The person who was caught for coming disguised had been dressed as a Muslim woman by wearing a black dress covering his entire body from head to legs.
He had come to meet the Manager of the Bank with a letter written in English, a knife and a toy pistol. His intention was to hand over the letter to the manager and request to hand over a sum of Rs 3 Million without anyone’s knowledge.  In the letter a request was made to hand over to him a sum of Rs 3 million very confidentially and if he did not accede to his request he would be shot. The Muslim woman had aroused suspicion among the bank’s security guards, who had taken steps to grill her.
The security guards had wanted to speak with the Muslim lady as they suspected something, the manner she walked in. When the security guards spoke to her voice was that of a male person. The security guard suspected him to be a thief. When he knew that he was suspected he tried to escape by trying to run away instead of meeting the Manager.
He was caught and handed over to the Police. What was written in the letter in English language was that to hand him over a sum of Rs 3 million without making any hassle, otherwise the Manager would be shot. Later it was revealed that the person who came disguised was a Captain in the Army. He had been attached to the Kotmale Army Cantonment in the language translation unit. He is a resident of Katugastota had revealed he had been tempted to perform this exercise as he was highly indebted.
He had been indebted to a finance company for non payment of monthly rentals. In addition in had incurred a huge sum as his wedding expenses, held recently. It is learnt that he had made a rehearsal a few days back and on that day also the security guards had been very smart in focussing special attention about his appearance to the bank. When he appeared for the second time the security guards had decided to inspect and check him. The Police suspects whether some others were connected to the Army Captain in this regard.
The Police are conducting further investigations in this connection.

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