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‘ The  ipad stealing story’. To evade paying for a transaction the businessman wanted to sling mud at me
-Sakura explains it clearly

In response to the story that was published in our web site yesterday about the ipad stealing story the 21 year old modeller Sakura Saumya kumari contacted us over the phone and explained the correct story of stealing the ipad.
It was reported initially that when this modeller had gone to meet the owner of the shop housed in the Criscat shopping complex in Kollupitiya to negotiate terms for a commercial, the modeller had stolen the ipad of the owner from his office room. However the story is contrasting. She had taken the ipad in front of the owner as a security for the non payment of a fee due to her and on the understating that it would be returned upon the payment due to her by the owner of the shop.
She confessed in the following manner.
 "I am not a modeller. I have a model bank who supplies models for functions. Three months back there was a famous awards ceremony. The owner of this shop organised the ceremony. He wanted me to supply models for this ceremony. I had on previous occasions had supplied models to him and had gained confidence in him. Hence I supplied the models for his request without any advance payments, having faith in him. He delayed the payment due to me. When I reminded about the payment he did not take any notice of my requests.
The period became almost three months. He has no shop in his name at Criscat shopping complex. He has only a small office within the shopping complex for this businessman. On the day of the incident he requested three models from me. I took the three models to his office. The models that I took were not happy and they left his office. Then I inquired from him about the payment that was due. He never obliged me with the payment which was pending. With his knowledge I took his ipad from his table. Then he called me and requested to return the ipad. I never took notice of his request as he owed me money.
Later he had lodged a complaint in the Police station that I robbed his ipad. I had not done anything wrong. My lawyers explained this stand in courts. Instead of paying my charges he is trying me to classify me as a thief.”
The article published in our web site in the 1st of February under the caption modeller caught at ‘Criscat’ for an ipad
theft could be read from HERE:

The model who made an ipad theft nabbed at Crescat

An ipad valued at Rs 85,000/-(Rupees eighty five thousand) which was stolen by a model had been nabbed and produced before courts. The model is Sakura Saumya Kumari Bandaranayake is a recent school leaver from one of popular Colombo schools. She is from Gampola in the Kandy District, had been involved in appearing in commercials and modelling activities as her profession.
She had robbed this i pad from the Kollupitiya shopping complex ‘Crescat’ from a shop called ‘Monachchi House’.On the 12th of last month she had gone to the shop to discuss about a commercial advertisement. She has had a discussion with the owner in his room from where she had robbed his ipad.
The owner had complained about this theft to the Kollupitiya Police. When she was located and questioned she had admitted about the theft and had been produced to courts. The Fort Magistrate Kanishka Wijeratna as she had admitted about steeling the ipad had ordered her to appear in courts on the 7th March to hear the case further.

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